Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology is a branch of psychology that studies or tackles problematic behaviors. It is called abnormal because it pertains to atypical behaviors that some people may have been suffering from which made them different from the majority.


Thus, this field usually deals with psychological disorders.


But the word “abnormal” may have different connotations. For instance, if there’s an abnormal behavior, what is normal then? This question creates more debates than answers.


The problem stems from the concept itself. No one can really define abnormality precisely. However, experts had drawn the universal but ever-changing criteria of abnormal behaviors.


One of the things that needed to be considered is the social norms. If a person behaves in contrast to the social norm, then the behavior can be considered abnormal.


Again, this basis is problematic. When does a behavior can be considered deviant? Nonetheless, behavioral problems may exist.


All About Abnormal Psychology

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