Happiness is an elusive emotional state. Over the years, theologians, philosophers, and psychologists strove to define it. Of course, different disciplines posit contrasting definitions.

But in 1990, a branch of psychology emerged independently. The Positive Psychology has been dedicated to exploring happiness beyond “positive mood”. The recent meaning tackles well-being that encompasses satisfaction in different aspects of life.

Recent scientific findings suggest that happiness is not merely the result of wealth. Money is just one thing. Happiness is a product of multiple factors such as genetic makeup, marital status, social relationship, and overall life satisfaction of an individual.

The big part of becoming happy is cognition. The way you perceive your experience influences your feelings. If you negatively evaluate your current life situation, it is more likely than not, that you feel bad.

People who lightly carry their burden would be able to deal with life confidently. They are happier than those who dwell in negativity. The good feeling starts in the mind.

6 Simple Ways To Live A Happy Life: Secrets To Become Happier

Happy Life

How to live a happy life and become happier? Happiness is one of the most debated concepts in social science. From philosophy to psychology, happiness has given several interpretations. However, regardless of its complexity, every person, at some point has experienced happiness. It is a joyful feeling that makes us feel good. As a result, …

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