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How Social Media Elicits Perfectionism And Mental Problems


How social media develop adolescents’ perfectionism mindset? No one wants to be defeated in a sports competition. In the same way, no one wants to look ugly in the eyes of spectators. Beauty creates standards in different parts of the world. Because everyone wants to be attractive, people, especially the young adults would do whatever …

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The Most Attractive Personality Traits

Attractive Personality Traits

The secret attractive personality traits. Attractiveness does not always come from the physical feature. In some cases, personality traits play an important role in how people evaluate you physically. Interestingly, a recent study had found that personality traits can actually make a person look attractive. The researchers found the five personality traits that make people …

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The Way You Walk Tells About Your Personality Traits

Personality Traits

Your gait speaks about your personality traits. Our actions speak who we are. The small things we do every day reflect our inner world. We do some of those things unconsciously. This usually happens almost automatically without considerable effort. For instance, nail-biting was found to be associated with stress. People who engage in this behavior …

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