How to Cope Up with Bullying

How to Cope Up with Bullying?

How to cope up with bullying? The internet has been dramatically influencing the world for more than a decade now. It brings many good things to life in many aspects. However, such advancement sometimes takes its toll. Physical and mental health issues also become worse and worse which are believed … Read More ›

What Makes a Person Truly Happy

What Makes a Person Truly Happy?

What makes a person truly happy? As the world becomes more and more demanding and complicated, happiness also become elusive. Many people, this may include you, struggle to find happiness in their lives. Unfortunately, every endeavor almost always turns into nothing. The reality is that most people try to find … Read More ›

How Does The Brain Store Memory

How Does The Brain Store Memory?

How does the brain store memory? Our ability to remember helps us thrive throughout evolution. Imagine if you won’t be able to remember what happened yesterday. In that case, you will be frozen in time. But forgetting is a simple mechanism that keeps our brain able to absorb new learning. … Read More ›