12 Magical Steps To Happiness: A Path To Well-Being

Happiness, a path to well-being.


For centuries, philosophers, theologians, and psychologists sought to define this emotional state. Thus, this construct earns different meanings.

However, some interpretations are more straightforward than the other. The common interpretation is that happiness is a mental state of well-being that comprises positive emotions. People who have a positive evaluation of their current life’s reality tend to be happy.

But the real question is not how we define happiness; it is how we become happy. How people in our generation feel good about themselves?

In the world of hate, discrimination, and judgment, happiness becomes elusive. It becomes a valuable commodity that most people can not afford.

Fortunately, happiness is free. This is the truth. We just choose to forget this reality. And we subscribe to the idea that life is hard and full of struggles. While in fact, it’s not. Here are the basic steps in becoming happy in your life.

12 techniques to happiness

1. Wish best things for others

Are you suffering from a certain physical illness? Do you suffer from financial debt? Or, do you have problems with your current relationship? Maybe you’re thinking that all you experience at present is negative. That is why you envy other people. But you interpret it wrong. In fact, you are at the right time to wish the best for them. Because wanting the best for others can give you happiness. The feeling of joy most of the time comes from your external world. It is an act of being connected and concerned with others. If you feel happy about the achievements of others, unconsciously you are feeling internal joy. That’s the way to real happiness.

2. Pretend that you already achieve the things you want to achieve

What it is that you really want to achieve? Is it a nice car, a productive relationship, a college degree, or a financial success? Most people stuck in the idea that becoming successful is difficult. They often forget that they have what it takes to be happy and successful. If you want to be successful in your life, you need to pretend as a successful one. It may sound silly, but it is true. Hold your goal in your mind very clearly. What I mean by this is that if you want a luxurious car, make a habit of constantly thinking about that car. Imagine that you are driving it. This process helps you creates awareness of your true potential. Most people forget that they have the most powerful machine – their mind. In addition, whatever the mind conceives, it will become a reality.

3. Appreciate the beauty of everything

Most of the time we focus on negative events or things in our life. As a result, we hardly notice the good things around us. We forget that in every negative event, there’s a positive side of it. So to achieve happiness, try to focus on positive things. Find something that makes you feel joy. Is it a piece of music? A painting? A poem or novel? Just go around and appreciate things that make you happy.

4. Build a good relationship with others

There are many things that can make a person happy. Money is one of them. But financial success is not the sole predictor of happiness. Some studies of happiness found that a good relationship is what makes us happy. Of course, a relationship involves a good connection with other people. It may be an intimate relationship or a relationship with your parents and significant others. In fact, the well-being of a whole country is quite dependent on social ties not in a good economy.

5. Maintain positive thoughts

Whatever you do, maintain positive energy that flows into your body. What I mean by this is that you need to be mindful of your thoughts. Avoid negative thinking. It poisons your well-being. Because if you have doubts on your own capability, then you’ll hinder your very goal. Negative people don’t achieve their goals. Why? Because they think they can’t. The moment you think you can’t or you can, either way, you’re right. Remember that whatever you think will become your reality.

6. Find peace in you

Happiness emanates from having found yourself in fair judgment. Let go of those negative experiences. Whatever happened yesterday does not really affect your present. Learn to forgo things that are out of your control. And remain hopeful. Start building your bright future. If you cling to your negative imaginings, you’ll find yourself in sadness. Thus, strive to find peace despite your current reality.

7. Maximize your potential

Most people forget who they really are. They think that they can’t achieve anything. But the truth is they are more capable than they think. The only thing that holds them back from attaining success is their self-proclaimed weakness – their negative thoughts. In addition, they don’t realize that they have a tremendous amount of potential. If you really want to live a happy life, you’ve got to make use of your potential. Make goals today and work on them.

8. Decide to be a happy person

The ultimate way to become happy is to decide to achieve happiness. If you are a person who desperately wants to be happy and yet you fill yourself with hatred and envy, you’ll not achieve happiness. Thus, in order to feel joy, you need to set yourself free from negative emotions. And it takes courage to do it. It is more than wearing a smile every day, it is living in a positive emotional state.

9. Be grateful

Be happy and thankful for everything that happens to you including those negative events in your life. Accept failure and frustrations, forgive your enemy, and strive to focus on positive things. Because this is the only way that you can attain real happiness in your life.

10. Never blame

Whenever you fail on something or do some mistakes in your decision, don’t blame anyone or anything. Just accept failure and learn from it. Find ways to solve your problem constructively. Focus on the things that you can do not on what you can’t. Blaming is a waste of time and energy. Be wise enough.

11. Give what is necessary

Most people have goals. But the problem is that the work they give to achieve those goals is not equal to what is needed. Higher goals need more and harder work. If there is a big discrepancy between your goal and your effort, you will not be successful. Thus, it is important that you give the necessary effort.

12. Spend time in silence

The best place to find happiness is in silence. Find some time to unplug yourself from the noisy world. Make reflections of yourself. Picture in your mind all the good things that happened in your life so far. What are those? And what are those that you want to achieve in the future? Silence helps you connect with the invisible forces around you. Spend time to conquer happiness.

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