20 Tips To Make Your Relationship Last For More Than 25 Years

What is your relationship definition?


A relationship is what binds people together. Well, there are many kinds of relationship. But the most celebrated one is an intimate relationship.

People tend to find someone to live with for the rest of their lives. Building own family is almost everybody’s dream. Attraction and courtship are two of the most memorable instances of life which ultimately result in marriage.

Decades ago, marriage kept the bond between husbands and wives. However, the recent statistical report suggests that more and more divorces happened than marriage itself.

The increasing rate of divorce poses more questions than answers. What happens to the rituals during the wedding day? Or better yet, is there any assurance of long-lasting relationship?

Yes, there is. The truth is, people are forgetting simple things in their married life. People do easily forget that marriage involves a lot of work. But it is not actually hard. Below are some of the useful and simple ways to help maintain your marriage hot.

20 Tips To Make Your Relationship Lasts

1. Begin and end each day together.

The most common mistake among couples is taking care of things individually. It must not be that way. You are one, right? So you two must work together. In the morning, for example, you need to drink coffee and eat breakfast together before going to your work. Make a happy conversation on the table. This can help build a stronger connection between you. Remember that a good relationship starts with good communication.

2. Accept your partner and don’t try to change him/her.

Entering into a relationship means being ready to accept consequences. You may find your partner changes along the way. True colors will prevail. But whatever happens, don’t try to change your partner. You just need to remember that no two individuals are the same. You can’t change anyone. Instead, accept your partner and love him/her as he or she is. That’s the true meaning of love. Acceptance.

3. Appreciate and don’t take him/her for granted.

Be appreciative. Simple appreciation builds positive feelings. Don’t take your partner for granted.

4. Check on each other often.

Constant communication is a key to a healthy relationship. This does not mean that you need to call him/her whole day. Just find a way to communicate even you’re busy. This is one way of showing your concern to your partner.

5. Be generous with compliments.

Compliment him/her whenever he/she does the good thing. Even in failure. Make your partner feel your support. Because indeed, you are his/her support system.

6. Be flexible all the time.

In a relationship, there must be “give and take”. You must take responsibility together. There must be no higher authority. Treat your partner as equal. Ask and give suggestions.

7. Don’t judge your partner.

Weigh every situation and don’t point fingers. Don’t blame your partner. Always find the truth.

8. Encourage each other.

You are the support system to each other. You need to prove it, especially in difficult times. Encourage each other.

9. Learn to forgive and forget.

Forgiving means forgetting. You cannot forgive without forgetting. Mistakes are always part of the equation. Learn how to accept failure and go on.

10. Be honest.

The best relationship advice you can have is, be honest with your partner all the time. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Honesty is the best policy in a relationship.

11. Laugh together.

Find time to spend together. It has not to be expensive. A cup of coffee or dinner together at home will do where you can talk and share daily experiences. A couple that laughs together stays together.

12. Be true to your partner.

Loyalty comes with honesty. If you are married, learn to be satisfied and contented. And keep it that way forever.

13. Don’t dwell on the past.

You can’t live in yesterday. Leave bad memories behind. There’s nothing you can do about them. But if you cling to the past, your present and future will be negatively affected. The best thing you can do is to learn from your experience and grow.

14. Respect each other.

Respect your partner all the time. Listen to his/her views. Complement each other.

15. Support your partner.

Don’t leave your partner especially in difficult times. Boost your partner’s confidence when confusion comes in.

16. Surprise him/her.

Gift your partner unexpected gifts. Again, it has not to be expensive. It could be anything simple. Your loved one does not need a luxurious gift. What he/she wants is a simple remembrance. You don’t need to spend money. You just need to be creative.

17. Trust each other.

Trust is a powerful word in a relationship. Relationship problems most of the time emanating from the lack of trust to each other. Jealousy is often the result. But the couples who trust their partners have a long-lasting relationship.

18. Explore new places together.

Take time to stroll to different unfamiliar places. Go to new places together and take a break from the busy city. Get merged with nature. This will help you relaxed and recharged.

19. Disconnect yourself from the world.

Unplug yourselves from technologies before going to bed. This allows you to make some conversation before falling asleep. Bedtime is the best time to share and resolve things together.

20. Never go to bed angry.

Never go to sleep without resolving the conflict. Don’t allow a problem persists until the next day. Make sure you don’t sleep angry.

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