5 Subtle Signs That You’re In An Abusive Relationship

How do you know that you’re in an abusive relationship?

Abusive RelationshipAn abusive relationship makes a prisoner. And the result? Trauma and psychological torture. To escape from this nightmare, most victims tend to engage in several maladaptive coping strategies such as substance abuse, smoking, and alcoholism.

But the best remedy is by guarding yourself against the abusers. You can easily escape from painful relationships by identifying your partner’s abusive behaviors.

Here are the five signs that you are in an abusive relationship.

1. Controls all of your decisions

A healthy relationship involves rules and restrictions. However, too many restrictions and too rigid rules are far from being normal – it’s an indication of being an authoritarian. A controlling relationship suffocates the victims. There’s no love in this relationship (if there’s a relationship at all). You need to free yourself from this situation. Choose yourself.

2. Deprives you of any social interactions

Another sign of an abusive relationship is that when your partner prohibits you from seeing your friends and family members. S/he would do anything to hinder you from doing what you want. Some of the tactics of abusers is an argument. They do that to make their points look reasonable while hiding their true purpose.

3. Lets you down

A person who truly loves you never let you down or put you in an embarrassing situation. S/he will not insult or demean you in front of other people. Thus, if you notice such behaviors in your partner, you need to ponder. Are you letting that person do what s/he is currently doing onto you? Almost always, the best thing to do in that situation is to set yourself free. Every logical person would agree on this.

4. Always monitors you

Another sign of an abusive relationship is constant monitoring. It’s quite annoying for anybody when someone is stalking – always monitoring one’s move. Stalking is a sign of a non-physical abuse. You also need to beware because some people are very good at making reasons. They may make an excuse and turn the situation into a seemingly favorable on your part. So you need to closely examine whether or not a person is already abusing you.

5. Overwrites your own reality

If your loved one always insists his/her own opinion over yours and doesn’t listen to you, that’s a sign of a non-physical abuse. It is called gaslighting. It is a manipulation technique that attempts to make you question your own sanity and perception. The best thing to do in this situation is to listen to your inner voice – your instinct. Remember that a person who really loves you won’t demean or insult you. S/he instead helps you grow.

There are many victims of abusive relationship around the world. However, most of the victims have no idea that they are already abused. Abusive relationships are sometimes hard to spot. Why? Because most clues are non-physical. Thus, the victims are often blind that they are already in harm.

Determining whether or not you are being abused is not a rocket science. Everyone will notice if someone is abusive. You just need to be aware of your loved one’s behavior. Be always ready to end your union if something is not right. Free yourself from any form of manipulation. You have the right to be HAPPY!

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