Greatest Tips To Achieve Anything You Want In Life

Achieve anything you want in life.

Achieve Anything

We all have goals in life. The goal of academic success, sports, financial freedom, and health. But whatever the goal is achieving it can be tough. No one achieves anything withing paying its price.

Twelve years ago, I was the biggest dreamer in the world. I dreamed of finishing college. Unfortunately, my parents couldn’t send me to a university. Thus, I made my own choice. I left home to pursue my dream and my goal.

I traveled more than 2,000 miles just to reach the place where I believed allowed me to pursue college. But what happened between 2005 and 2015 were the combination of agony and frustration (I can not tell you the whole story here). However, 2015 was the best year of my life.

For more than 10 years of battle just to achieve my goal, I had a real taste of life. A taste of paying my own price. My journey teaches me so many things – things that brought me where I am now. Guess what, my negative experiences are more important than my achievements today. In fact, I am grateful that I experienced them all.

So, if you have dreams like me, my experience might help you achieve anything too. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

How to achieve anything you want in life

There is no free success. You’ve got to work hard to reach your goal. However, we usually find comfort in quitting. That’s why so many people quit when they experience pain. But to be a real achiever, you have to do something – behave in a completely different way if necessary. Here are my tips:

1. To achieve anything, be committed.

To achieve anything you want in life, you’ve got to be extremely committed. And commitment means doing what is necessary to be done without complaining – even in times when you are not in the mood for doing it. Do not wait for a spark of motivation. Because it only costs your time. Do it now or never. And do it until you have it.

2. To achieve anything, value experience and learn from them.

To all the dreamers, I got one reminder. Whatever you do, or goal is, at some point, you gonna fail. So you better be prepared. But the good thing about failing is that you can learn from it and become wiser the second round. Thus, if your plan does not work, still you are lucky. Failure will reveal you the right way towards success. Because failure is a signal that what you did was wrong. In fact, you did not technically fail, you just did it the wrong way.

3. To achieve anything, be happy.

Can you find happiness in failure? Absolutely, yes. You can always be happy if you want to. If something negative happened that affects the process of achieving your goal, do not spend too much time on it. Instead, find some way to reverse your feelings. Do not waste energy on something that you cannot fix. It’s just a game we are all playing. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Either way, we should find happiness.

4. To achieve anything, avoid negative imaginings.

Being negative will not help you. Good things happen to those who fill themselves with happiness. Forgo hatred, anger, envy, revenge, and other negative emotions. They will only make your journey heavy. Instead, focus on your goal and enjoy every experience.

5. To achieve anything, imagine that you already achieved your goal.

This may sound ridiculous but it can be very helpful. Why? Because your mind is very powerful that it is capable of getting your imagination into reality. Look around you, how many people who always complain about their job? But guess what, they stay in that job. Why? Because the more you hate a situation, the more it will show up. So the key thing here is to reevaluate your imagination. Change your perspective – the way you see things around you. The more positive you are, the more good things happen to you. And the more you’ll become successful.

6. To achieve anything, don’t be nice to yourself.

Richard Branson said that if you fail, beat yourself. And if you are that determined, you’ll be successful. Do not stay in your comfort zone. Go out and test yourself. To me, setting a goal is just drawing a map, the real work is when you follow the trail you create. It is the test not only on your physical strength but also the test of your heart. How far could you go? And remember this, no great individual in any field who is soft on his “self”. So when you fail, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Stand up and beat whatever hinders your goal. Stand your ground. Because the moment you stand still against the tide, that’s the moment that the tide will break down into your feet.

7. To achieve anything, avoid distractions.

Distractions are all around you. It could be your friends, your officemates, classmates, or worse, your parents or loved ones. Nonetheless, you’ve got to be firm Focus and don’t listen to negative people. Do not believe in them. Instead, believe in yourself. Believe in your true potential. Because if you always consider other people (what they might say), you’ll always be their prisoner.

8. To achieve anything, be yourself.

To achieve your goals, you can not rely on others. If there’s one person you can be trusted, it’s you. No one will truly take care of your dream. So work hard to achieve anything you want.

9. To achieve anything, make a plan.

Obviously, planning is important. Make a step by step plan before you start doing anything. And more importantly, make backup plans in case the original plan does not work. This will help you back on the track in times of failure. Stick on it.

10. To achieve anything, give yourself a break.

Achieving your goals can be laborious. But this does not mean that you spend your whole life working. Because if you do, you’ll be vulnerable to burnout. If this happens, it will be more difficult for you to reach your goal. So you better spend time for yourself. Relax. Meditation is a great thing to do. It helps you make a clear assessment of your current situation. And also helps you to become more focused.

We are all susceptible to procrastination. At some point, we feel lazy. Even the richest and most successful people feel the same. But the only difference between the failed and successful ones is commitment. Successful people are committed to their goals. They are always hungry and excited to see the end of the track – the result of their hard work. While the losers are very sensitive to pain. So in order to achieve anything you want, you’ve got to ignore pain. Don’t be nice to yourself!

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