The Best Free Alternative To Pain Medication

The free alternative to pain medication.

Alternative To Pain Medication

People who experience chronic pain are usually given painkillers. Doctors tend to rely so much on drugs in treating pain and other condition.

The modern medical practice seemed to forget the capability of the body to heal itself. Yes, you don’t need painkillers to tame your aching body part.

In fact, one study found that a 10-minute of mindfulness meditation can be the best alternative to pain medication.

The researchers believe that mindfulness can be the best painkiller alternative. It does not only diminish the pain but also the anxiety that lingers with it.

The conclusion was drawn from healthy participants. They were divided into two groups. The first group underwent meditation while the other served as control group.

All of the participants were instructed to soak their hand into a warm water then into a cold water. The length of time was dependent on the participants’ pain tolerance.

The researchers found that meditation has a significant positive effect on pain. The participants who did mindfulness meditation experienced lesser pain than their counterparts.

The first author of the study, Dr. Osama Tashani concluded:

“While further research is needed to explore this in a more clinical setting on chronic pain patients, these results do show that a brief mindfulness meditation intervention can be of benefit in pain relief.”

The researchers found that even a short meditation could actually help alleviates one’s pain.

“The ease of application and cost-effectiveness of the mindfulness meditation may also make it a viable addition to the arsenal of therapies for pain management,” Dr. Tashani added.

The best thing about mindfulness is that it can be performed anytime and anywhere. Above all, it is free.

“The mindfulness meditation was led by a researcher who was a novice, so in theory, clinicians could administer this with little training needed. It’s based on traditional Buddhist teachings which focuses attention and awareness on your breathing,” said Tashani.

The applicability of the previous study is not limited to clinical settings. You can use it in your daily experience.

If you experience stress, body and emotional pain, meditation can be your best alternative to pain medication. Do not rely solely on drugs. Instead, learn to use the power of your mind and body.

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