Why Antidepressants Fail Fifty Percent Of People

The reason why antidepressants fail.


Antidepressants are commonly used to treat psychological problems.

But how effective this medication?

Throughout the years, some people (experts) argued that medical interventions do not generally cure patients.

Something is inducing the cure, not the medicine itself.

For instance, the new study of Dr. Vanda Faria and colleagues found that the effectiveness of antidepressants depends on how the doctors introduce them to the patients.

In the previous study, the participants were grouped into two. The first grouped was given an antidepressant drug.

The second group was also given the same drug but told that the drug was fake.

The result found that three times as many people believed they were healed when told that the drug was real.

Those who were told that the drug was fake thought that the drug was ineffective although they received the same treatment.

One of the authors, Dr. Vanda Faria explained:

“Our results show that the number of respondents was three times higher when correct information was given than when patients thought they were treated with an ineffective active placebo, even though the pharmacological treatment was identical.”

The finding suggests that self-expectancy might mediate the outcome of the medication. This phenomenon is commonly known as “placebo effect”.

Placebo effect happens when a person thought he or she was healed after taking a medication even the medication is not real.

In other words, the mind plays an important role in the effectiveness of the medication. Believing in something “fake” can produce a “true” result.

Malin Gingnell, the co-author of the study explained:

“This may reflect an interaction between cognition and emotion as the brain changes differently with medication pending on the patient’s expectancies.”

Taking medication without believing in it can be useless.

The result may imply that the mind has the power to heal the body; that medication only boosts the mind’s ability.

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