The Best Venue For Learning That Increases Attention Span

How to improve your attention span?

Attention Span

Attention does not last long. In fact, some studies found that attention span only lasts for 25-30 minutes.

When you’re studying for many hours a day, you’ll just waste your time. Students who spend three to four hours a day studying their lessons failed in their academic performance.

The main reason is that attention is hard to maintain.

So what can you do to improve your attention span?

A new study found the answer. Research suggests that outdoor setting is better than the traditional indoor teaching setting.

The reason being is that nature has a significant positive effect on students. Students who were taught outside the classroom were able to pay attention and learned more than those in the classroom setting.

This is not the first study to suggest the positive effect of nature on the learning process. Many studies in the past already established the nature’s effect.

The positive impact is not only evident among young learners but also on adults.

Researchers wanted to determine if the study can be applied to the education settings. Dr. Ming Kuo, the leading author of the study wanted to determine whether or not the same effect can be found in schools.

Dr. Kuo shared his next step:

“We wanted to see if we could put the nature effect to work in a school setting.

If you took a bunch of squirmy third-grades outdoors for lessons, would they show a benefit of having a lesson in nature, or would they just be bouncing off the walls afterward?”

In the study, the teachers tested the children both inside and outside the classroom.

The teachers then counted their attempts at making the children focus on their task.

The teachers found that children were more focused and engaged when being taught outside.

In other words, children had better attention span during outdoor sessions than inside.

Skeptical teachers also witnessed the positive outcome of the study.

Dr. Kuo concluded that:

“Our teachers were able to teach uninterrupted for almost twice as long at a time after the outdoor lesson, and we say the nature effect with our skeptical teacher as well.

We’re excited to discover a way to teach students and refresh their minds for the next lesson at the same time.”

The implication of this study can be huge. It will not only help students but also for adults.

Bringing your readings out to the park boosts your chances of maximizing your learning outcome.

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