3 Ways To Attract Women During Conversation

How should men act in a conversation to attract women?

Attract Women

Some men if not most of them find it difficult to make girls attracted to them. In the course of courtship, rejection is the worst outcome.

So the question is what makes women attracted to men?

Well, the attraction process starts with casual conversations. The moment you talk to a girl you want it’s the first step to making her wants you or hates you.

So how will you avoid being rejected? How will you handle the first talk with her? Learn the secrets below.

3 ways to attract women during a conversation

1. To attract women, use emotive words

Words convey meanings and those meanings cause an impact on the receivers’ behavior or emotion. But not all words are powerful enough to change the audience’s emotions.

In talking with women, it is important that you use emotive words. These words can evoke emotions from an audience. For example, if you say, “Give me a cup of coffee.” This sentence is a command and does not send any emotional signal to the listener. But if you say, “You should plant trees to help save the mother earth,” this sentence is emotive. Meaning it ignites emotional reaction or change in your audience.

During a conversation with a girl you like, you need to be mindful of your words. Always use words that convey the emotional signal. Remember that girls are more emotional than boys. This makes women more susceptible to emotional stimuli than men.

2. To attract women, stop finding commonalities

One of the most mistaken concepts is commonality (in the context of the relationship). This is the reason why most people believe that being the same with someone is the beginning of a relationship.

But the reality is that having common interests with someone does not necessarily lead to an intimate relationship. Instead, commonality leads to a good friendship.

If you want to make the girl you want to be attracted to you, stop finding what is common interests, hobbies or views in life between the two of you.

Instead, ask questions about the things she is interested in. And ask her experiences doing those things. This line of conversation will lead to a deeper knowledge of her personal qualities and personalities.

As a result, she may also become interested in your own interests and passions. She tends to reciprocate what you did to her. In this way, you will be able to establish a deep interaction.

Don’t worry about possible conflict of views between the two of you. Because it does not negatively affect your connection. Remember that girls don’t necessarily like guys that have the same belief system as they do.

Most of the time women get attracted to men who are challenging and have contrasting views in life. The more challenging you are, the more she finds you interesting.

3. To attract women, give them specific compliments

Women love compliments. But not all compliments can make them smile. So how will you compliment a girl that she could not help but smile and laugh?

The answer? Be specific. Be sure that you are not giving a description of her that can also be given to other women.

For example, if you say to a girl that she is “beautiful and sexy,” you are very general. Because your description is applicable to the rest of women in the world. This will not stand up along with other compliments that she might have received.

Instead, you need to give her exclusive appreciation. For example, you can say “you look like Cleopatra.” Well, no one knows what Cleopatra might have looked like, but almost everyone knows that Cleopatra is a symbol of sexiness and beauty.

This type of compliment will remain in her mind even after she gets home.

These techniques can help you a lot in making girls attracted to you. So it’s time to put them into action.

I hope I have given you helpful advice. Good luck!

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