The Most Attractive Personality Traits

The secret attractive personality traits.

Attractive Personality Traits

Attractiveness does not always come from the physical feature. In some cases, personality traits play an important role in how people evaluate you physically.

Interestingly, a recent study had found that personality traits can actually make a person look attractive.

The researchers found the five personality traits that make people attractive:

  1. kindness and understanding
  2. intelligence
  3. a sense of humor
  4. being fun loving
  5. having an exciting personality

However, the researchers also suggest that one of the more attractive personality traits is playfulness.

Why is that?

Well, this is because playfulness has some sort of positive impact on both men and women.

For women, playfulness indicates that a man is not harmful or aggressive.

For men, a playful woman is lively.

Dr. Rene Proyer, the leader of the study, concluded that:

“Therefore, this personality trait also seems important for the choice of partner – at least more so than the partner having a degree, good genes or being religious.”

The study surveyed 327 young adult participants. They were asked about their most preferred personality traits of their future partner.

Both women and men agreed on the top five personality traits listed above.

However, more women were interested in men’s playfulness while men found the exciting personality of women more attractive.

Dr. Proyer added:

“Although we should be cautious while interpreting the data, this could be an indication that playful people are actually perceived as more attractive partners or that playfulness increasingly develops in the relationship.”

Playfulness may not only make a person attractive but also boost one’s happiness.

The author concluded:

“… individuals perceive playfulness as being beneficial to well-functioning romantic relationships by increasing the well-being of the partners, by maintaining the relationships’ excitement, and by conveying the each individual’s affection for his or her partner, and – more generally speaking – by more deeply cultivating the relationship.”

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