33 Amazing Qualities Of Truly Authentic People

Authentic people have something in common.

Authentic People

In any relationship, authenticity is highly valued. We don’t want to be with people who are not honest. As long as possible, we strive to find the genuine one. We want to find an authentic person to marry or hang with.

However, authentic people are not easy to find. In fact, some believe that honest people are few. Because the world seems full of people ready to exploit others’ weakness.

The reason why most of us seek an authentic person is that we feel safe and comfortable with an honest person. We tend to believe that authentic people will not hurt us.

But what exactly authenticity is?

Authenticity is a trait that is characterized by truthfulness. An authentic person always expresses his/her own belief, standing on the truth regardless people won’t listen.

Authentic people are committed and passionate about what they do. Their words are a perfect reflection of their thoughts and feelings.

But how exactly authentic people behave? How does an authentic person differ from the rest of us?

Humanistic theorists such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow suggest that authentic people are psychologically mature and fully functioning individuals. They have amazing qualities that most people love.

Qualities of Authentic People

  1. Realistic in their perceptions.
  2. Unconditionally accept themselves and others.
  3. Consider others’ welfare.
  4. Have the unoffensive sense of humor.
  5. Freely express their feelings and emotions.
  6. Open to new perspectives.
  7. Openly accept own mistakes and learn from them.
  8. Understand what motivates them.
  9. Help others to be authentic people.
  10. Avoid negative people.
  11. Confident in everything they do.
  12. Always talk ideas, not gossips.
  13. Evaluate others advice before accepting or acting upon.
  14. Accept and solve their problems.
  15. Their motivation is rooted from within.
  16. Make the best out of their time and situation.
  17. Respect others’ opinion and not hate them.
  18. Understand that they are unique.
  19. Happy with what they have.
  20. Treasure their experience.
  21. Value actions more than words.
  22. Do not hide anything.
  23. See the bright side of every negative situation.
  24. Support others to succeed in their goals.
  25. Believe that everything is connected to each other.
  26. Don’t try to please anybody.
  27. Don’t compare themselves with others.
  28. Never seek permission from others.
  29. Don’t judge others.
  30. Never get envy of others.
  31. Never dwell on the past.
  32. Listen to others.
  33. Have long-term plans.

Because of these characteristics, authentic people are able to function and live their lives to the fullest. As a result, they don’t strive to find a meaning of their existence. Instead, they clearly see why they were born.

By being true to themselves, authentic people are able to stay away from stress. Authenticity allows them to see the world in a positive and adaptive manner. In this way, they become psychologically mature and well-functioning individuals.

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