The Best Way To Improve A Relationship According To Science

What is the best way to improve a relationship?

Best Way To Improve A Relationship

Almost everyone wants to have a successful relationship. But in this generation, finding a perfect relationship is next to impossible. This is because the dynamic of relationship has changed a lot throughout the years.

Is he/she really loves you? Or, will your relationship thrive forever? Any of these questions can be hard to answer these days.

However, scientific findings provide a clue on how to improve a relationship. For instance, a study published recently suggests that doing simple household chore boosts relationship.

The researchers in this study found that the distribution of chores inside your home especially dishwashing predicts better relationship.

Interestingly, couples who do not do the dishes are more likely to end up in a problematic relationship.

In fact, most women who do most of the dishwashing in their homes tend to have more conflict in their relationship, have lower satisfaction, and less sex engagement.

The authors believe that:

“Contrary to arguments of a stalled gender revolution, the authors find that contemporary couples more often share all routine tasks than couples in the past, with the greatest change in dishwashing and laundry.”

The result may imply that the dynamic of an intimate relationship has changed over the years. Couples behave differently today than 50 years ago.

The authors added:

“The equal sharing of households is more positively related to sexual intimacy and relationship satisfaction among more recent cohorts and more negatively related to marital discord.”

Household chores can be the best way to improve a relationship. It is amazing how simple dishwashing affects you and your partner in terms of cultivating a healthy partnership.

So if you want to stay longer in your relationship, try to contribute to the accomplishments of the tasks at home. Don’t let your partner do all the chores.

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