4 Brain Training Techniques To Achieve Daily Happiness

The brain training tactics for happiness.

Brain Training

Can anyone be happy all the time? Well, the answer may be no. Even Martin Seligman, the proponent of Positive Psychology feels lonely sometimes. Does this mean that no one can attain an everlasting happiness?

This question can be difficult to answer. The challenge stems from the very nature of happiness.

Philosophers and psychologists have, over the years, cultivated a variety of meanings on this concept. Some believe that happiness is a momentary experience. Thus, no one can stay longer at the peak of their positive effect.

On the other hand, some believe that happiness comes in layers. That is, it has at least two types. The global and momentary happiness.

The global happiness pertains to a person’s overall positive feeling of his or her life. It involves the relationship, job, and financial satisfaction to mention a few.

Momentary happiness, on the other hand, pertains to moment to moment positive feeling. So if you are stuck in a heavy traffic, you probably feel frustrated. You are not happy. What you are experiencing is a temporary shift of your emotion – from being happy to being frustrated. But your overall perception of the quality of life you have stays the same.

Because of its nature, happiness becomes more difficult to define and measure. However, no one asks what type of happiness he or she is experiencing at any given situation. Everyone feels happiness (or loneliness) regardless of how experts define it.

The only question that most people are interested in is how to become happy. Unfortunately, statistical data suggests that most people are becoming less happy for the past decades.

Technological advancement and the way of life were all found to be the contributing factors to loneliness and depression.

Fortunately, happy life is still achievable. Anyone can achieve happiness through brain training. This is because the biggest contributing factor to positive emotion is the mind.

Your feelings are pretty dependent on how you perceive your experience. If you interpret your experience negatively, your emotion will also become negative.

So to remain happy, you need to train your mind. In this article, I will be discussing the brain training tactics that you can use to attain daily happiness. Although these ways are effective, I cannot assure that these will work for you. After all, your mind determines the outcome.

But if you apply these techniques wholeheartedly, it is more likely that you become happy as well.

So let’s start.

1. Practice gratitude

Psychologist Robert Emmons found that people who are grateful are happier, more energetic, more emotionally intelligent, and more forgiving.

Being grateful every day can have a positive impact on our lives. You don’t need expensive gifts to be grateful. It can be simple things – the things that we normally take for granted. You can be grateful for breathing free air, having a loving spouse, or for a cup of coffee. A simple thanks can start a happy day.

2. Get enough sleep

Enough sleep is very important to gain good health. Happiness cannot dwell in a crumbled mind. Before you can be happy, you need to get enough rest. People who spend less than 6 hours of sleep feel depressed.

Sleeping is a process that allows our brain to refresh itself. In fact, Arianna Huffington says that “While we sleep, the brain is able to get rid of toxins, including proteins that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”

3. Practice daily exercise

In your hectic schedule, you may be thinking that going to the gym can be impossible. But it should not be the reason why you don’t exercise. But what makes physical exercise important? Well, because it has numerous benefits.

If we exercise, our body releases hormones or endorphins that make us feel better and happier. This is the reason why successful people have regular exercise routine no matter how busy they are.

In your brain training, practice your mind to think how important physical exercise is. Start exercising on a regular schedule until it becomes a habit.

4. Practice meditation

In the noisy world, it is almost impossible to achieve calmness in your mind. But not if you know how to find tranquillity. The reason why most people find it hard to find happiness is because they dwell on their negative thoughts. Both their past and future cause them anxiety.

To find calmness, you don’t need to look outside. You should find it in your inner world. And one way of doing it is through meditation.

This therapeutic technique exists for thousands of years. Only recently, scientists have figured out its positive impact on human’s well-being.

According to Shawn Achor, monks who spend years in practicing meditation were able to grow their left prefrontal cortex, a brain region that is responsible for generating happy feelings.

So meditation should be part of your brain training.

After learning these simple brain training techniques, it is time to put everything in action. If you consistently apply these simple ways, your daily experience will never be the same again.