3 Brain Training Techniques Towards Success In Sixty Days

Success is the result of good brain training.

Brain Training

Do you have a dream, right? We all have. Did you succeed? Or, are you in the process of making your dream come true? If yes, my next question is that how many people belittled your dream? Never mind. Don’t bother to answer this question.

The funny thing about most people is that they tend to mind others’ business rather than their own. And the worse thing? They will criticize you because of your plans. They don’t believe in you and in your idea. Because they think they know everything – that they are better than you.

But the truth is, they don’t know what to do either. Critics know the way but they don’t know how to drive the car.

This is always the scenario in school. We all go to school to learn. It’s fun and exciting. We learn theories and concepts that aren’t applicable to the real world. As a result, we lack practicability.

This is the reason why William James preferred functionalism to structuralism. He believed that the value of knowledge is in its practical application.

Great businessmen and entrepreneurs have long been embracing the idea of practicality. Robert Kiyosaki, for example, dismissed the idea of traditional schooling. It is clear in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” where he said that if you want to succeed financially, do not go to school.

The school systems teach us how to follow the traditional way of doing things. That is, go to school, get good grades and then, after college, find a high paying job.

There’s nothing wrong with this advice. Only, it is a boring advice. It does not ignite creativity and autonomy. You are training your brain in the wrong way. If you really want to succeed, train your brain in a very different way.

So what is the alternative? Well, all you have to do is to create your own reality. You can do that by exercising your brain. That is reconfiguring your thinking pattern. When you do that, you’ll become successful faster than others.

Here are the brain training techniques you can do if you want to succeed fast.

Never ask an expert…

The impact of other people to us is huge. We become whom we follow.

In most cases, we tend to follow the experts. Why? Because we believe that they know everything. But the truth is they don’t. This what happens in school. Those who teach us do not necessarily apply what they preach. George Bernard Shaw had explained it in his maxim, “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.” 

Thus, if you want to succeed in your goals, never listen to experts who do not undergo the actual process. For instance, if your teacher in college tells you how to succeed in business, ask him/her first if s/he is running a business. If s/he doesn’t, that means that s/he has no idea what s/he is saying.

Experts know the way but they don’t know how to drive the car. If you really want to succeed fast, apply this brain training until it becomes a habit.

… instead, do what you want.

Listening to every advice from experts can actually make you stray. The best thing you can do is to examine yourself deeper. Ask yourself this question, “What am I really want?” This brain training helps you build a habit – a habit of creating your own destiny.

The problem of most people is that they don’t know what and where they are heading. Ryan Holiday made a very good observation on this when he said, “This is a fundamental irony of most people’s lives. They don’t quite know what they want to do with their lives. Yet they are very active.”

Most of the time people conform to the societal norms without asking. The advice “go to school and find a high paying job” does not work anymore in the modern world. This generation is the age of independence. Opportunities are limitless. You can achieve anything fast like what Mark Zuckerberg did.

But how can you achieve your goal fast? This leads to the next brain training technique.

And pay attention.

“How can you achieve your 10-year plan in the next 6 months?”Peter Thiel

Achieving your goal in a short period of time requires you to pay attention. To whom? To people who underwent the same process.

When I decided to start a blog, I thought the process could be as easy as what many bloggers on the web say. But the truth is the opposite. Blogging is a painful process. For the first to three months, my readers were my close friends on Facebook, my wife, and my former classmates.

At that time, I wasn’t sure if I could make my dream come true (to be a successful blogger). But I did it. For the next few months, I grew my followers and my readers in a way I never thought possible. And the key to such an amazing result of my hard work is attention.

Instead of quitting or shutting my blog down, I started to look at how successful bloggers in different niches started the process. I study how they gradually rise from the ground and being able to establish a million dollar business.

Because I’m paying attention to what they did (including their mistakes), it is a bit easier for me to grow my business. Why? Because by learning from their experience, I know what will and will not work. This allows me to minimize mistakes.


To achieve your goals fast, you don’t need to listen to others. You already have what it takes to be successful. What you need is an adaptive brain training that helps you go through the process. Just know what you really want. And the next thing you want to do is to model the successful ones who underwent the same process.

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