Why Broccoli Is The Best Food For The Brain

What makes broccoli the ultimate food for the brain?


There are many green vegetables you can buy from the market. But there’s one type of vegetable that your brain loves the most, it is broccoli.

What makes broccoli special? And why should you include it on your plate?

Of course, it has high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, anticancer elements, and fiber. But there’s something more in these nutrients that make the broccoli one of the best foods for the brain.

Let’s discuss why.

1. Broccoli preserves your memory

If you find it hard to retain some of the most important information in your mind, you may have a poor memory. As a result, you may be forgetting more often than not. This green veggie can help you preserve your memory. Why? Because it contains antiamnestic compounds. It does a good work in making your brain healthier and more active according to a study.

2. It improves learning ability

In the same study mentioned above, broccoli can help improve learning ability. It contains compounds that enhance learning. Experts suggest that parents should encourage their children to eat this veggie.

3. It heals the brain

Broccoli is also capable of helping the brain to recover from an injury. It contains a substance called sulforaphane that can reduce swelling in the brain area. People who experienced traumatic brain injury can benefit from consuming this vegetable. Overall, it help improves cognitive functioning according to a study.

4. It helps fix neural damage

Broccoli does not only improve cognitive functioning but also heals neural damage. Fixing neural damage can be, as always, challenging. But there’s a good news. One study found that sulforaphane has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that boosts the healing process.

5. It improves reasoning ability

Broccoli contains the substance called Lutein. This chemical, according to a study, helps preserve crystallized intelligence. This type of intelligence allows us to reason and solve problems. This mental ability is a product of life experiences.

These studies may imply that the human body may not need synthetic medicine. The food that we eat is a source of a natural and safe healing process.

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