Can a Person Die from Depression? A Dangerous Fact

Can a person die from depression?


Unlike physical diseases, depression does not kill people directly. However, the psychological problems that it caused can lead to physical illness which in turn causes death if not treated.

The reason why some deaths are associated with depression is that depression, in most cases, triggers suicide. If depression strikes, a person may feel helpless and loses hope. It triggers negative thoughts that make a person think that he/she is worthless and must die.

With the recorded number of deaths associated with suicide, approximately half of it is caused by depression. The problem of this psychological issue is that it is not only hard to treat but also difficult to notice.

The cure may always emanate from the patient. If a person does not want to be cured, then mental health professionals can do nothing.

Suicide is an extreme outcome. But apart from that, depression can also cause several health problems. In fact, most depressed people also develop heart disease. When psychological and biological ailments combined, a person is at greater risk.

Depression is also associated with poor focus, attention, memory, and life choices. This is because a depressed person is incapable of making a sound decision. As a result, he/she makes a lot of mistakes.

Shortcomings from poor decisions may, in turn, contribute to depression. A person may not be able to function well in his/her daily routine resulting in lousy performance in many aspects of life.

How many people have depression in the world?

Around the world, there are more than 300 million depressed people. And it is also one of the leading causes of diseases including but not limited to heart disease.

Depression is more prevalent among women than men. But in reality, depression can strike anyone.

Is depression treatable?

Depression is treatable. There hundreds of ways to treat this condition. Most of the time, the treatment is a combination of antidepressants and psychotherapy.

The only challenge is that most depressed people don’t want the world knows that they are depressed. They tend to hide their true feelings or emotions. They act like healthy people. But deep inside they have that emptiness that hunts them for years.

If a person is willing to seek help, he/she will be cured. If you are one of those people who ask help, you will be healed.

Detaching depression from yourself does not always need health professionals. If you have a mild version of depression, there is a high chance that you can deal with it on your own.

There are many ways you can do to lessen or kill depression before it hurts you. But I do not recommend the techniques that I am going to share with you if you are experiencing severe depression. In that case, find professional help immediately.

Self-help strategies to combat depression

As mentioned, there are many things that can make a person depressed. Fortunately, there are also many ways or strategies you can use to combat depression.

The good news is that all of these techniques are free. You don’t have to spend money to feel better. Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Have a pet

Cuddling a pet can increase your happiness level. Yes, you read it right. It is called the pet effect. Many studies had found that having a pet at home can make pet owners happy.

It does not matter whether it is a cat, dog, or other domesticated animals. Experiencing attachment with any of those animals can increase ones’ well-being.

2. Listen or dance to your favorite music

Since the dawn of man, music has been playing an important role. Our ancestors fell in love with the harmony of sounds that bind them together.

But why is that so? Well, one of the reasons is that music can change a person’s emotional state. Depending on the genre, music can make you sad or happy.

Obviously, to feel better, choose a piece of music that uplifts the soul.

3. Maintain a regular exercise schedule

A physical exercise will not only strengthen your physical features but also improve your mental health. Studies in the past had found that an exercise can increase neurochemical levels responsible for increasing mood.

Physical exercise does not always mean going to the gym and lift weights. A simple 30-minute walk will do. Just spend a few minutes of your day to walk or jog.

4. Make more friends

Establishing wider and good interpersonal connections will not only make you a better person but a person with a better state of mind.

Make more friends right where you are. It could be your classmates, your co-workers, or neighbors. Talk to them. Share your experiences and burdens. Depression starts when those negative emotions from negative experiences are confined inside.

Talking is one of the best ways to ease depression. In fact, when you go to mental health professionals, they will just talk and let you share the things that bother you. This happens most of the time.

5. Revisit your hobby

A hobby can be a great idea to keep your mind preoccupied. Revisit your passion. Sure enough, you have something you enjoy doing. What is it? It could be painting, drawing, writing, or whatever.

Studies show that doing a hobby relaxes the mind. This is a great way to detach yourself from depression. The best part? It is free.

6. Talk to a friend

Sadness worsens if you are alone than with somebody. In fact, most suicide incidents happen when depressed people left alone.

Whenever you feel depressed, the best way to escape that feeling of emptiness is having someone to talk to. Call a friend or family member. This way alleviates the sadness.

So, can a person die from depression? Depression itself is not like a physical disease that deteriorates the body. But depression affects the mind.

Once psychological health is at stake, it surely affects the body. Depression lessens the person’s ability to make a rational decision.

As a result, depressed people sometimes turn to suicide as an instant solution to the problem. An example of an indirect effect of depression.

But one should be reminded that depression, much like any diseases, can be healed. With the help of mental health professionals, the healing process can speed up.

I hope that the tips I shared with you here help loosen you up. But for extreme cases, I suggest that you consult with the health professionals.