Can A Person Recover From Dementia

Can a person recover from dementia?

Can A Person Recover From Dementia

Dementia is a neurological condition that is commonly characterized by the deterioration of memory. It is also known as the Alzheimer’s disease.

Dementia is a loss of cognitive functioning. People who have dementia may be getting confused and don’t remember anything.

You can see a significant change in the behavior of those people who suffer from this condition.

Dementia not only impairs memory recall ability but also the new memory input. Thus, learning new skills can be a challenge.

The memory deterioration is the result of neural decay. The death of the neurons affects people’s ability to perform many tasks including personal care.

People with dementia can be lost in places they previously familiar. They don’t remember their friends and even their loved ones.

And, eventually, they become unable to perform ordinary chores even attending to their daily routines.

Having one of your loved ones suffer from this condition can be heartbreaking. The harder part is that, until now, there’s no clear solution to this problem.

Can a person recover from dementia?

Although some medications are commonly applied to people with this condition, studies are not yet conclusive.

The worse thing is that people with dementia could also suffer depression. Depression is often comorbid with memory loss.

However, a study found that activating a certain neuron reverses dementia. This may suggest that Alzheimer’s disease is not a problem of learning new information – it is the problem of memory retrieval.

In other words, dementia does not wipe out all the memories but it will prevent you from remembering them.

Experts hope that in the future, science will be able to prevent this condition. Or, perhaps, the scientists will be able to develop drugs that could stop this condition.

Can a person recover from dementia?

No one can really tell. But there are medications that could slow down the neural deaths.

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