Can Stress Cause UTI? The Truth Revealed

Can stress cause UTI?

Can Stress Cause UTI

Many people are asking whether or not stress could worsen their UTI. They experience stress for a year and noticed that the urinary tract infection get worse. So they wondered whether stress has something to do with the UTI.

If you are one of those people, you might also be wondering whether stress has something to do with the infection. Can stress cause UTI (urinary tract infection)?

It is important to note that a urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria. In most cases, the bacteria enter the urethra and multiply in the bladder. The defense system of the body is not perfect. It fails sometimes making us vulnerable to infections. In the case of the UTI, the defense system fails to kill the bacteria. As a result, the bacteria continue to grow in the urinary tract.

Can stress cause UTI?

The answer is no. Stress, however, could negatively affect your immune system making your body susceptible to diseases. With weak defenses, the body could become a giant target of the microscopic intruders.

But the combination of stress, low resistance, and an unhealthy diet could cause serious health problems. This may include infections.

Stress is not just a psychological issue. It could affect your whole system. Thus, it is more complicated than anyone may think.

When you are stressed, your biological and chemical systems change. This immediate effect can also be noticed in your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure.

Stress may also influence your actions. In fact, most stressed people tend to engage in unhealthy coping strategies including smoking, alcohol drinking, drugs, etc.

But stress has no direct effect on the bladder. It does not cause any infection. However, the connection between biology and psychology cannot be discarded. Stress may have an indirect influence on your entirety as a person.

Strengthening your defense system involves managing stress effectively. Observe healthy food intake and daily exercise. Health does not only pertain to your biological aspect but also your psychological state.

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