Can Stress Cause Vertigo? The Answer

Can stress cause vertigo?

Can Stress Cause Vertigo

Vertigo is a subjective sensation that is characterized by dizziness. But nobody can really tell how it feels to have vertigo except the patients. People with this condition often inadequately assessed.

Fortunately, there are available medications for vertigo. However, a physician consultation may not totally alleviate this condition. Some experts suggest a regular check-up with a doctor to appropriately treat this health issue.

There are several factors that could trigger vertigo. But the most common are the cold viruses, Meniere’s disease, and head trauma. These factors could potentially affect the inner ear. Because the inner ear is responsible for generating a sense of position and balance of the body, any regularities it experiences will surely affect our motion perception.

How is vertigo treated?

As mentioned, this condition is treatable. The treatment may involve but not limited to physical therapy, medication, and surgery. But some people would rather just endure the undesirable sensation than going to a physician. Vertigo will just disappear after a certain period of time.

Not all sorts of medical professionals are capable of treating vertigo. The two types of medical doctors who could effectively treat this condition are the Neurologists and the Otolaryngologists.

A Neurologist is a medical doctor that specializes in the brain health issues. Since vertigo is related to neural conditions, he will be able to identify the problem. The otolaryngologists, on the other hand, are the neurologists that specialize in the diseases in the ear area. These medical specialists will be able to appropriately examine the causes of this condition.

Everyone may be vulnerable to this condition. But it rarely affects children. In most cases, adults are mostly to suffer from this condition. Children may experience the symptoms though after playing video games for a long period of time. But it will not last long.

Can stress cause vertigo?

Stress can worsen the symptoms of vertigo. But it will not cause this condition. The undesirable sensations associated with vertigo will, in turn, cause more stress.

Dizziness is a common symptom of vertigo. But it may be the result of several factors. Stress is certainly not one of them.

Can anxiety cause vertigo?

Like stress, anxiety has nothing to do with the onset of vertigo. But the symptoms of this condition may elicit anxiety level. However, those who have suffered vertigo already, anxiety can worsen the condition.

There are many available treatments for vertigo. Unfortunately, this article is not all about them. For appropriate treatment, do not hesitate to find a professional help.

Some people though just let time heals the sensation. They just endure the undesirable feelings associated with this condition. But vertigo is something that reoccurs over and over again. So letting time to settle the issue is definitely not the best decision. A medical help can be the best option.

So, can stress cause vertigo? Don’t worry, stress won’t cause this condition. Vertigo is more of a biological disorder rather than psychological. But nonetheless, the symptoms could certainly increase the stress.

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