Alcohol And Cannabis: Which Has Worse Effect In The Brain

Is cannabis more dangerous than alcohol?


In most parts of the world, cannabis use is still prohibited while alcohol drinking is legal in those countries.

Only a few countries around the world had already legalized marijuana use.

The reason why most countries prohibited the use of marijuana is that they are afraid of its possible impact on the brain.

Some have negative assumptions on the effect of marijuana use in the brain.

But recent scientific finding suggests that a long-term alcohol drinking can be more dangerous than the cannabis use.

The scientists had previously thought that alcohol and marijuana use are equally detrimental to mental health.

But a study reveals a surprising discovery. The long-term alcohol use was associated with decreased size of gray matter in the brain.

On the other hand, scientists found no link between marijuana use and brain damage.

However, some experts believe that the effect of marijuana is as bad as alcohol use.

The reason why some scientists remain hesitant in accepting the benefits of using cannabis is due to the inconsistency of the research findings.

Over the years, the studies on marijuana use yielded contrasting results. This led to many different speculations in the scientific community.

Scientists believe that there’s a lot of things needed to be discovered. “Research is still very limited in terms of whether marijuana use is harmful, or beneficial, to the brain,” said Rachel Thayer, the lead author of the study.

Given the inconsistent results, people may exercise extra caution in their marijuana and or alcohol intake.

No one really knows exactly how these two substances could affect the brain and the overall human health.

The best practice is prevention. Those who do not use alcohol and cannabis yet should not try.

It is better to avoid a potential risk than engaging with it.