The Psychology of Casual Sex: Why Some People Like It

What is a casual sex?

Casual Sex

Casual sex is characterized by sexual activity in the absence of the romantic relationship, commitment, attachment, and familiarity between sex partners. Examples include one-night stands, premarital or extramarital sexual activities.

More and more women and men engage in a casual sexual activity. If this type of sexual setup does not involve deep attachment between partners, what makes people inclined to it?

One Dating Blog provides the answers. Accordingly, people who engage in casual sex are those who don’t have time to build a family. Among them are busy professionals who can’t leave their career.

However, some people engage in casual sexual activity to temporarily ease their pain caused by previous failed relationship. These people might believe that a one-night stand, for instance, is enough to forget the painful experience.

Casual sex, according to the Dating Blog can be divided into three types:

1. Just casual sex

Usually, this happens in a large and noisy party where people are complete strangers to each other. In this instance, two people may engage in sex with no feelings and emotion attached. And in the morning, they just politely say “goodbye” to each other.

2. Spontaneous conscious sex

Some people engage in this type of casual sex just for pastime. These people have no plan for any future romantic relationship. But this is different from the previous category. The first one involves looking for casual sex in certain places such as nightclubs and/or restaurants. Spontaneous conscious sex usually happens in an unexpected moment when two people with same sexual longing meet together.

3. Conscious continuous sex

Unlike in the previous two categories, conscious continuous casual sex actually involves two people who regularly meet each other to achieve sexual gratification. But like the other categories, the connection between partners is purely sexual. This means no emotional or intimate attachment between partners.

Is casual sex good or bad?

The research findings on this type of sexual setup are still new. Thus, the results from those studies could not give us any conclusive statement. For instance, some studies found that casual sex has a negative impact on wellbeing while other studies found the opposite. In some findings, researchers suggest that casual sex can negatively affect a person’s wellbeing.

However, some experts believe that the impact of casual sexual activity may be dependent on a person’s upbringing. If doing so contradicts your moral code, then certainly, engaging in casual sexual activity can negatively affect your wellbeing. If not, then your moral upbringing will remain intact.

But casual sexual activity may not only cause possible psychological turmoil but also physical diseases. People who engage in casual sexual activities are prone to STDs and unwanted pregnancy. So a little caution is necessary.

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