Causes of Stress in Students: Are They Dangerous?

The common causes of stress in students.

Causes of Stress in Students

The school environment is always demanding. The busy academic schedules, as well as the inconsiderate teachers, contribute to the stress of the students.

Stress is experienced by elementary, high school and college students. In fact, in some part of the world, many students had attempted suicide or even had accomplished suicide because of the unmanaged stress.

It is important to determine the stressors in school. School administrators and parents should take extra effort to identify the causes of stress in students. If the stressors are identified, it will be easier to design preventive actions to keep the students’ well-being healthy.

When I was a student, I also experienced the same things that made me stressed throughout my elementary, high school and college journey. Here, I will share with you the things that commonly cause stress in students.

1. The upcoming exams

The examination always makes students stressed out. This is because most students only study their lessons when exams are fast approaching. Most students belong to the cramming club. The only problem is that cramming is never productive. It will only result in failing grades and more stress.

If this is your stressor, avoid cramming. In most psychological studies, studying early is the most effective to avoid cramming. But how early is early? Well, at least two weeks before the exam. As soon as your teacher begins discussing the topic, start studying like tomorrow is the exam. This will condition your mind and forces you to focus and study seriously.

2. Too much homework to finish

Assignments can cause stress in students. Depending on the program, students may have multiple projects to finish in a short period of time. If you are someone who is not good at time management, then this will give you a headache.

If time management is your problem, start defining your priorities. Knowing exactly what you should be doing will help you do the things that are important. Avoid wasting time on social media and other useless online activities. Maximize your time by using it appropriately.

3. Inability to organize things

The lack of organization is one of the causes of stress in students. This will lead to mismanagement of time and energy. A disorganized person just wanders around without apparent purpose.

Being organized does not only mean being clean in your room. It also connotes a sequence or a process achieving things efficiently.

If this is your source of stress, then begin to declutter. Try to put things in the right time and place. This will prevent your mind from having preoccupied with stressful thoughts.

4. Having no time to relax

Having no time to relax is one of the causes of stress in students. This is the result of being unorganized. If you don’t manage your time in school, it is likely that you end up being overwhelmed and unable to relax.

If this is your source of stress, fix everything within your control. Again, by managing your time, you’ll be able to finish your projects and assignments ahead of the deadline. What I learned from both being a student and a teacher is that it is not how much time do you have but how do you use it.

We all have 24 hours a day to do whatever we want to accomplish. Unfortunately, many people just let the time pass without getting something done. If this is the source of your problem, it is time to change your habit. Learn the art of saving and maximizing time.

5. Lack of sleep

We are living in the world of technological advancement. But the technological success does not come without a toll. In fact, the gadgets that you might be holding right now have a tremendous impact on your health. At least one study found that the light coming from the gadgets causes sleep difficulties.

The study suggests that screen exposure before the bedtime increases the level of certain neurotransmitter in the brain which in turn keeps a person awake. The result? Lack of sleep.

To solve this problem, you just need to minimize your gadget use. Turn off your smartphones at least three hours before bed to be able to sleep faster.

6. Adapting to the new environment

This actually happens to most college freshmen. Going to college may be your first time to live life on your own. This may be your first time to wash your own clothes, cook your own food and budget your financial resources. This is stressful for some students.

But you need to accept the fact that sooner or later you’ll be living in an independent life. You will decide your own fate and life. To lessen the stress, seek an advice from your school counselor. Read books on how to handle stress and manage your life as a newcomer. The book “Declutter Your Mind” might help you stay psychologically and physically healthy in school.

These are just some of the causes of stress in students. Recognizing these stressors are vital to be able to deal stress in school effectively. If you are one of those students who experience the same stressors, the tips I mentioned can be helpful. In extreme cases, do not hesitate to find professional help. Good luck in your academic journey!