The Easiest Way To Check Your Brain Health

How to check your brain health?

Check Your Brain Health

The modern medical technologies offer the best tool to examine human’s physiology.

But often times, laboratory techniques are expensive. However, there are many free ways you can use to check your health.

For instance, you can check your brain health quickly without spending money.

A new research found that a simple handgrip is an indicator of a healthy brain.

If you can strongly grip your hand means that you have a healthy brain.

This finding was drawn from a large sample. In fact, almost a million people participated in the study.

The study suggests that those participants who could grip strongly perform better in reaction time, memory and problem-solving tests.

The researchers believe that handgrip could have a significant association with brain health.

The first author of the study, Dr. Joseph Firth concluded:

“When taking multiple factors into accounts such as age, gender, body weight and education, our study confirms that people who are stronger do indeed tend to have better functioning brains.”

This could mean that weight lifting can be beneficial to neural health. In addition, this study also enhances the previous findings which state that physical exercise boosts brain health.

How to check your brain health? Try to test your grip. The strength of your hand may indicate your brain’s health.

“We can see there is a clear connection between muscular strength and brain health,” said Dr. Firth.

However, this finding may not be conclusive enough. “But really, what we need now, are more studies to test if we can actually make our brains healthier by doing things which make our muscles stronger – such as weight training,” Firth added.

Although the finding needs future verification, it provides useful tips. It gives you an idea how to check your brain health.

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