Why Chester Bennington Committed Suicide?

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington and the whole Linkin Park band was part of my adolescent life. The band’s songs were inspirational to me that gave me strength and confidence.

But a few days ago I was shocked when the news came out saying that Bennington curtailed himself by hanging. The suicide was reportedly due to depression.

This is not the first time that a member of a popular band commits suicide. Kurt Cobain, the lead vocalist of Nirvana who also committed suicide in 1994 (although others speculate that Cobain was murdered).

The two incidents have one thing in common – depression.

Depression is a serious mood disorder issue. It has several symptoms that can affect individuals’ daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or worse, working.

How do depressed people feel?

Depression has several signs and symptoms that may last for at least two weeks.

  • Chronic sadness, anxiety, and emptiness
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Always irritable
  • Feel guilty and being unworthy
  • Feel uninterested in hobbies that are interesting before
  • Low energy
  • Talk or move slowly
  • Feel restlessness
  • Loss of concentration especially in making decisions
  • Tend to oversleep or find difficulty in sleeping
  • Loss of appetite or gain weight
  • Tend to think of taking his/her own life
  • Experience back pains, headaches, digestive problems

So why do popular people like Chester Bennington wanted to be dead?

Depression is a mental condition that seems to defy conventional reasoning. Depression affects almost everyone regardless of social status.

A depressed person may have anhedonia, a condition wherein a person can not feel happiness even in the funniest and satisfying moment.

As a result, a person may not value his/her possessions, fame, and relationships anymore the way s/he used to.

This condition can be triggered when a person has:

  • Familial history of depression
  • Experiences trauma, stress, or major life changes
  • Experiences physical illnesses and medications

On his article on NME

“Most of my problems are problems that I cause myself. That’s what that song’s about – that time when you consciously look at that. Once you acknowledge what it is, you can separate yourself from it and do something about it, as opposed to just being in it.”

Through these words, one can suppose that Chester Bennington had some type of regret and guilt.

However, no one exactly knows how the singer felt or perceived his own world.

There are things that are better left unspoken.

But surely, his death draws scars on the fans’ hearts.

And being a fan, I would like to say “thank you” for the music.

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