The Clothing Style That Makes Others Feel More Empathy

How to seek empathy from others?


When you are in a bad situation in your life, you need others to accompany you. Finding someone to listen your story is a big help.

But it is hard to find people who would truly understand what you’re going through.

But did you know that you can do something to make people feel more empathy for you?

A recent study found that wearing comfortable clothes can make people feel more empathy towards you.

These may include comfortable trousers, a jersey, and other comfortable clothes.

In contrast, wearing short dresses can reduce the empathy of others.

The authors suspect that revealing most parts of the body may elicit sexual thoughts rather than emotional connection.

The result was found to be constant regardless of the observer’s sex. In other words, a woman who wears short dresses could be thought as a sexual object by men and women who observed.

This is the result of, as Dr. Giorgia Silani the main author of the study believed, the activation reduction in the brain’s empathy network.

There were 41 people participated in the study. The participants watched visual presentations that were designed to measure empathic reactions of the viewers.

The study used brain scans which measured the reaction to both sexualized and non-sexualised contents.

Dr. Silani believed that “This reduction in empathic feelings towards sexually objectified women was accompanied by reduced activity in empathy-related brain areas.”

This may be the reason why both men and women treat others who wear short dresses as a sexual object rather than a person.

“This suggests that observers experienced a reduced capacity to share the sexualized women’s emotions,” said Silani.

The application of this study can be huge. If you want others to give you a special treatment or attention, you need to show yourself in a presentable manner.

So next time you need empathy from others, try to wear comfortable clothes.

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