10 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

What happens when you concealed depression?

Concealed Depression

You may have two reasons why you read this blog: you have some understanding of the topic, or you know someone who fits the following descriptions.

We often hear people say that they are depressed. But depression is not something that can be easily detected or diagnosed. In fact, many people who are actually depressed have no idea that indeed experience this condition.

This is the reason why the process of examining depression is always challenging. It takes time to actually see what is happening in a person. How much more if a person deliberately hides his true feelings?

Although people with concealed depression do not share their inner experiences, they may show behavioral cues.

1. They strive to appear OK.

Not all depressed people look sad. In fact, many of them may appear to be normal. They retain composure and demeanor. This is because depressed people learn to hide their true feelings. The people around them may have no idea what they really feel.

2. They develop their own habits of coping.

There are many ways to curtail depression. In most cases, it involves psychotherapy and medication. But people with concealed depression develop their own remedies. They usually use music, exercise, and walking routine to ease their state of mind. Again, they don’t want others to know what they’re going through.

3. They don’t want to be abandoned.

No one wants to be left behind by their loved ones. People with concealed depression feel the same way. Sharing their feelings with others may only negatively affect others’ feelings. Negative emotions are contagious. So a depressed person is willing to hide his feelings just to keep the relationship intact. He would do whatever it takes to keep his private world hidden.

4. They are good at creating stories.

Hiding depression is not easy especially during tough times. During hardship, a person with concealed depression would do everything to appear normal to others. They do it just to avoid getting attention from others. Creating a story is an effective way.

5. They may have trouble sleeping and eating.

Depression may have several effects on people. Those who have hidden depression may find difficulties in finding food appetite. While others eat too much. As a result, not all depressed people are thin. Some of them are overweight. Some may sleep too much, others find trouble in sleeping. Either way, the effect is detrimental to physical and psychological health.

6. They are conscious of their surroundings.

A person with concealed depression knows what is going on around him. He knows that drinking too much alcohol can negatively affect his brain and body. He also knows the consequences of his actions.

 7. They are incredibly talented and expressive.

Depression may impair some aspects of the human’s state of mind. But it does not totally impair the human’s creative side. Many depressed people are excellent in many areas of art. In fact, many of the well-known musicians, artists, songs writers, and writers suffer depression. But they are very good at their craft. Their great creations often cover their inside burden.

8. They always find for meaning and purpose.

As humans, we want to know the purpose of our very existence. We want to know where we are going. We want to make sure that our decisions are right. A depressed person does the same but in a more passionate manner. People with concealed depression are more aggressive in digging the truth about life. They want to be more satisfied and happier than anyone of us.

9. They sometimes share their feelings.

People with concealed depression might not forever hide his feelings. He will, at some point share his agonies. But this rarely happens. This moment is crucial. He tries to build a bridge between his private world and the larger one. This is the only opportunity that others can see his true feelings.

10. They want to be loved and accepted.

Like normal people, a person with concealed depression seeks love and acceptance. He is a normal person. A human being whose happiness may be low but he still has a space in his heart to fill with love and compassion.

If you are this person, this article resonates with you. It might be a perfect description of your life. But you can always change. You can find hope, love, and acceptance from others. I’ve been through tough times too. The brilliant thing I did was sharing my experiences with my friends and loved ones. Depression can be your biggest enemy if you hide it. Let it go. Let others know your world. Share your feelings. Little by little, everything will turn to be colorful.

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