15 Cool Psychology Tricks You Need To Try

Here are the cool psychology tricks to help you win!

Cool Psychology Tricks

Did you know that there are psychology tricks you can use to make things easy? We live in a social world. We meet people every day. However, because we are completely different from other, we tend to disagree each other.

If you are a business person, your biggest challenge is how to win in business deals. People may turn down your products or ideas. If you can’t handle this challenge correctly, you’ll be left behind.

The good news is, however, you can always win by applying psychology tricks (psychological hacks).  These psychological mind tricks work every time. All you need to do is to hone its power.

These tips and tricks have been collated from this Reddit thread.

Cool Psychology Tricks #1. Set time.

“If you have trouble motivating yourself to do something like learn a skill (instrument, language etc.) tell yourself “Ok, I’ll sit down and do this for just five minutes”.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #2. You tend to do things your loved ones or close friends do.

“When something funny happens and people or a person in a group laughs, they will look at the person they like or care about in the group the most to see if they’re laughing too. When you notice this it’s quite easy to tell who likes who.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #3. Be silent.

“When you’re talking to someone who’s being defensive and there is a pause in the conversation, let them fill it.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #4. Go with the flow.

“If you want to calm someone down, sympathize with them whilst describing what’s upsetting them in descending orders of magnitude.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #5. Compliment the sacrifice.

“When you need someone to wait a moment as you hunt for something, or you’re struggling, say “Thank you for your patience” instead of “sorry for the wait”.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #6. Extend your hand.

“If someone is talking or preoccupied, you can hold out your hand and they’ll give you whatever they’re holding.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #7. Don’t sail against the current.

“Have a toddler that is in a bad mood? Sit down with them, look them straight in the eye, and say “You’re mad, so don’t laugh.” Just keep repeating it as seriously as you can.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #8. Keep it straight.

“When you’re walking through a crowded hallway, if you keep your eyes focused in the exact direction you’re going, people will naturally clear out of your way because we sub-consciously use eye-contact with people in order to navigate around each other.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #9. Don’t point a finger.

“If you work with clients, prevent them from getting defensive and angry by not using the word “you”.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #10. Don’t be personal.

“It’s not “you didn’t send the attachment”, it’s “the attachment didn’t send”. Don’t blame them, blame the thing you’re talking about.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #11. Play it safe.

“In an argument speak softly. It forces active listening which leads to active thinking. When they are listening and thinking they are not yelling, arguing, or talking.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #12. Questions have power.

“You want someone you just met like you? Ask them open-ended questions about themselves. Don’t wait for your turn to speak. Listen, and then ask a follow-up question based on what they said. If you do that a couple of times, that person feels heard and appreciated by you. If they realize they’re doing all the talking, they’ll apologize and ask a question of you.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #13. Nod.

“If you nod while asking a question people are more likely to say yes.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #14. Divert attention.

“While in a conversation with somebody, stare directly at the top of their head, and they will wonder if there is something in their hair or not.”

Cool Psychology Tricks #15. Use the mirror.

“Mimic people’s facial expressions as they are talking to you and they start to like you because you’re literally reflecting the same feeling back to them.”

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