What Type of Music That Boosts Creativity?

How many times do you feel like you couldn’t find ways to solve something? Some people may experience more than others. But the truth is, it happens to all of us sometimes.

Creativity is the key. The more creative you are, the more your chances of overcoming obstacles in any area of life.

To reach your full potential, you need to develop a creative mind that will ultimately lead you to success. But to most people, this is the biggest challenge.

So how can you develop creativity, or perhaps awaken it for you to become productive?

Fortunately, a recent study finds a significant answer. A study shows that happy and energetic music can help to increase creativity.

A group of researchers found that listening to The Four Seasons a violin concerto by Antonio Vivaldi can make anyone creative.

Divergent creativity pertains to one’s ability to formulate several approaches or solutions to a given problem.

For instance, if you see a pen you may think that it solely serves as a writing tool. But in some instances, it could be a lethal weapon.

People with high divergent creativity tend to come with more answers to a given problem. They are more likely to succeed in any given task than those who have low divergent thinking.

According to the authors:

“The main conclusion of the results we obtained is that listening to happy music (i.e., classical music that elicits positive mood and is high on arousal), as compared to a silence control condition, is associated with an increase in divergent thinking, but not convergent creativity.

Convergent creativity, on the other hand, is in contrast of the latter. With it, a person tends to come up with a single solution to solve a problem.

Convergent creativity happens when you do a task that requires a single response. Example of this is solving a puzzle, crossword, or a mathematical problem.

But how does happy energetic music makes you creative?

The authors answer this question by simply saying:

“creative ideation is a function of persistence and flexibility, and that situational variables can influence creativity either through their effects on persistence, on flexibility, or on both.”

The authors believe that upbeat happy music motivates you to search for more answers and more opportunities. In addition, it also makes you more resilient in finding solutions even for hard problems.