People Who Cry A Lot Have These Personality Types

Why some people cry a lot?

Cry A Lot

Humans are emotional beings. And we have all sorts of emotions that correspond to our experiences. However, each one of us may have a different emotional response to a situation. Because we deal life differently. Some may take it lightly, while others are overwhelmed by their burdens.

The way we handle our emotions affect our psychological and physical health. For instance, a severe unmanaged stress may result in depression.

We laugh or cry as we respond to life’s events. Each emotion has a parallel behavioral result. It is hard to laugh when you experience pain and grief. And it is hard to cry when you’re happy (except the tear of joy).

However, some people are more intense than others. For example, some people tend to cry a lot when having a bad experience. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with crying. But so much of it may be not so “normal” for others.

But psychological research findings suggest that crying a lot is healthy. And people who cry a lot may have unique personality types.

If you are one of them, you may have the following traits:

1. Capable of handling emotional challenges

Crying helps you relieve stress. Every tear that goes down from your eyes decreases sadness. It helps a lot to lessen your emotional pain.

This is the reason why people who are brave enough to cry are stronger than those who are afraid of showing their true emotion.

2. Emotionally strong

Crying shows that you are not afraid of showing your feelings. It is also a sign that you accept who you are – your strengths and weaknesses. You are courageous to take responsibilities for your actions. Above all, you are an emotionally healthy person.

3. Emotionally free

Crying can be the hardest thing to do especially in the presence of other people. But people who cry a lot are good at it. They are comfortable with showing their feelings to others without hesitation. Those people are emotionally free. They don’t care what others may say about them. They just want to be themselves at all times.

4. Capable of balancing emotions

Feeling sad or depressed is just one side of your emotion. Crying allows you to return to the positive side of your emotional state – happiness. It creates a balance between the two sides of your feelings. And most importantly, crying makes it easier for you to let go your negative experience.

So, don’t afraid to cry. It is pretty healthy. And it shows who you truly are.

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