4 Powerful Techniques That Boost Your Chances of Getting A Date

How do you make a woman agreed on a date?


The biggest problem of men in the courtship process is the challenge of getting a date with women. Sometimes, the intimidation feeling among men is stronger than the desire to pursue a date.

The way women get attracted to men is complex. Thus, there are a number of factors that might constitute women’s liking with men. Those factors involve physical, social status, etc.

But what about men who are not so “handsome” and not rich, do they have a chance to get a date?

Fortunately, this question is already been answered by Nicolas Gue´guen the leading psychologist who investigates the courtship process. He and his colleagues have conducted numerous studies in the quest to determine what makes women agree on a date with men.

The findings of those studies are good news for men who have not inherited good looks. As Gue´guen’s findings suggest, physical attractiveness is not always a common denominator of getting women attracted to men. Below are the surprising factors of attraction according to Nicolas Gue´guen.

How should men ask women for a date?

1. Touch the girl’s forearm lightly

A light touch can turn a “no” to a “yes”. This is proven scientifically that light touch on women’s forearm can make them willing to obey men’s request.

Nicolas Gue’uen conducted an experiment in a bar. He wanted to find out whether women would go to the dance with his good-looking confederate. The confederate deliberately touched a woman’s forearm and asked her to go to a dance.

The finding suggests that women will more likely to go to the dance if they were touched by men on their arm.

On the other study,  Gue’uen investigated whether or not women pedestrians would give their phone numbers to male confederate. The result suggests the same result. Women would give their phone numbers to stranger men if men touched their arm.

Both results led Nicolas Gue’uen to conclude that; “In both experiments, it was found that touch increased compliance to the man’s request.”

2. Make a move on sunny days

Women tend to respond to men’s request depending on the weather. In his other study, Guéguen wanted to find out how the weather affects women’s responses to men’s request.

The confederate collected women’s cell numbers both during rainy and sunny days. The result suggests that women were likely to give their numbers to the confederate on sunny days than on rainy days.

3. Ask her a favor

The foot-in-the-door technique is proven effective not only in sales but also on getting a date with women. “This technique starts at a small followed by a bigger request. You are basically asking for a small favor from others and if they say yes to your small request, it’s time to make the bigger ones.”

Nicolas Gue’uen and his colleagues conducted a study on how women respond to men’s request when men ask little favor. The finding suggests that women were more likely to respond to the second men’s request regardless of whether or not the first request was rendered.

In other words, if you ask something from a woman and she has not given you what you requested from her, ask her another thing (perhaps a dinner date) and she may accept it.

4. Talk to her when she’s in a bakery

If you want to ask a woman for a date, bring her in a bakery or in any pleasant smelling areas. Why? Because a pleasant ambient odor affects women’s mood. Good smelling places can boost a girl’s positive emotion.

Again, Nicolas Gue’uen’s study found that “Women agreed more often to the confederate’s courtship solicitation in the pleasant smelling areas.”

In these four powerful techniques, timing is everything. The good is that you don’t have to be a handsome one, or a “macho” to get a woman to date.

All you need to do is to find the best time to approach her and the best time to apply these techniques.

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