Deep Breathing Can Help You Find Your Purpose

If you think you are going nowhere, deep breathing can show you the way.

 Deep Breathing

Life used to be simple, slow pacing, and calm. But time has changed. The world becomes sophisticated. And in that process, everything that happens every day – happens very fast.

As a result, people tend to cope up. Everyone is in a hurry chasing dreams. But there’s only one problem though. The results do not happen instantly. In fact, most of our goals take time to accomplish.

The fast pacing life is accompanied by expectations. Your parents would expect you to become successful at an early age. So they send you to school without asking what you really want.

High expectations will push you to work hard every day. You tend to accomplish great things in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, you fall short of your ultimate goal. Failure makes you ask yourself whether or not you have what it takes to be successful. Doubts clouded your mind. You feel like you’re going nowhere in life. You are struggling with making sense of your existence.

If you are at this point in your life, there’s something you can do to ease that frustration. It’s just one word, RELAX.

Yes. Before you throw your towel and quit, just take a deep breath. Deep breathing is proven to be helpful in providing internal comfort.

Right now you may be lost and exhausted. But you still have what it takes to pursue your dream. Don’t worry if you are left behind. It’s not a race my friend. It’s a marathon. It doesn’t matter how long you get there. The important thing is you get there.

My life may resonate with you. I was 21 years old when I graduated from high school. I was 31 when I graduated from college. My classmates reached their destinations ahead of me. But it doesn’t piss me off. Why? Because I did not compare myself with them.

You see, we are all different. Your life circumstances are different from mine. And vice versa. Sometimes, the best thing to do is not to compete but to wait for your turn.

I worked hard too. But it took me ten years to actually finish college. I did not consider it as a failure. Maybe I just took a long and winding road. More difficult than what others had taken.

People left me behind. So what? I will catch up soon. And I did.

I’ve been through tough times. I suffered stress and depression. But deep breathing helped me a lot to realign my focus. This simple technique refuels me every time I ran out of strength.

Everybody has a hell day. We all experience bad times in our life. If you think that you’re alone, you are wrong. Somebody might as well experience what you experience today.

Do not complain. Just keep hustling. Opportunities never stop to come. If the door before you is closed, one door is open. Your job is to find that door. Never give up until you find the open one.

The world may knock you down. But it can’t kill your dream. Get up. And remember, deep breathing will ease you inner agony. Take a short break and regroup. Believe me, you’re closer to your goal than you think.

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