4 Free Ways to Stay Away from Depression

Can we fight depression without spending money?


The National Institute of Mental Health created a booklet that aims to teach people what depression really is. In that booklet, the NIMH elaborated four realities of the problem.

  1. Depression is a real illness.
  2. Depression affects people in different ways.
  3. Depression is treatable.
  4. If you have depression, you are not alone.

The reality here is that depression is a sickness that can affect individuals daily functioning, it is widespread, and “treatable”.

However, most of the available treatments are biological in nature. And often costs money.

The good news is, it can be avoided. Prevention is still the best practice.

This article suggests different strategies to stay away from getting depressed.

Four ways to prevent depression

1. Get sufficient light.

The sunlight is believed to be more effective in reducing depression than an antidepressant. Thus, people who are exposed to sunlight have a lower possibility of getting depressed.

How long should you expose yourself to the sunlight? Half an hour is enough. Morning light is the best. So spend at least half an hour every morning under the sun.

2. Regular exercise.

Regular exercise is still one of the best strategies to avoid getting depressed. In fact, one study found that “people with low CRF (cardiorespiratory fitness) and medium CRF were at increased risk of developing depression.”

Physical exercises do not necessarily mean rigorous. A 30-minute walk every morning can be helpful enough. In addition to walking, biking is also a good alternative.

3. Have friends.

Having social support is important. The relationship with other people or relatives can be helpful in reducing the possibility of getting depressed.

In collectivist countries, depressed individuals are few. Why? Because people have strong bonds with one another. They comfortably share their problems with others. As a result, they stay emotionally healthy and flexible to life events.

4. Self-treatment.

Most of the time negative emotion starts from the bad assessment of what has happened to you. Thus, bad emotions emanate from your negative evaluations of your current circumstance.

In other words, you have a great contribution to your current feelings. The worse you see your life, the worse your feelings will be.

So, how will you stay away from getting depressed?

It is important that you make a list of all of your problems. Then, indicate the possible solutions for those problems. Monitor your approaches. Did your problems solve? If not, change your strategies.
However, in my personal experiences though, writing a diary really helped me gotten through challenges. So it is important that you find your own ways to ease your negative feelings.

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