Depressive Thoughts Can Cause Poor Sleep

How depressive thoughts form?

Depressive Thoughts

Most health professionals recommend a regular eight hours of sleep every day. Getting less sleep can cause several health problems.

For instance, a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry found that having less sleep is associated with anxiety and depression.

In addition, people who have less than 8 hours of sleep are most likely to develop depressive thoughts.

Sleep deprived people may find it difficult to escape from their negative thinking pattern.

Meredith Coles, a co-author of the study concluded: “We found that people in this study have some tendencies to have thoughts get stuck in their heads, and their elevated negative thinking makes it difficult for them to disengage with the negative stimuli that we exposed them to.”

The participants behaved differently compared to others. “While other people may be able to receive negative information and move on, the participants had trouble ignoring it.”

In the study, the researchers instructed the participants to look at some photos. Those pictures can elicit emotional responses.

The finding suggests that the lesser amount of sleep people had, the more difficult for them to forget the worrying pictures.

People who sleep less than eight hours a day may develop rumination. Which, in turn, may result in anxiety and depression.

“We realized over time that this might be important – this repetitive negative thinking is relevant to several different disorders like anxiety, depression and many other things,” said Coles.

“This is novel in that we’re exploring the overlap between sleep disruptions and the way they affect these basic processes that help in ignoring those obsessive negative thoughts,” Coles added.

This finding can be a great help in avoiding anxiety and depression. The researchers believe that by developing healthy sleep pattern, people will be able to effectively manage their psychological health.