The Easiest Way To Destroy Stress and Tension

How to quickly destroy stress?

Destroy Stress

Stress is one of the most perennial mental health problems. Most people’s lives are affected by it.

If stress is not managed or monitored, it will negatively affect your overall ability to function on a daily basis.

In fact, stress has been linked to hundreds of psychological and physical problems. It can result in depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even stroke.

Untreated stress can destroy lives. But the good news is that destroying stress is just a matter of choice.

It means that the best treatment can be found in you. This claim is supported by a scientific evidence.

A team of researchers found that the simplest way to destroy stress is self-compassion.

People who preserved love for themselves were found to be less stress than their counterparts.

In addition, self-compassionate people are optimistic, lively, and energetic.

The participants of the study were college freshmen. The researchers believed that the transition from high school to college is what makes students stress.

And they were right. Professor Peter Crocker, the co-author of the study confirmed the result. “Research shows the first-year university is stressful.”

First-year college students tend to deal with so many things as well as coping with the new environment. “Students who are used to getting high grades may be shocked to not do as well in university, feel challenged living away from home, and are often missing important social they had in high school,” Crocker said.

But students can always deal with stress easily if they know how to do it. The finding suggests the simplest way to destroy stress in college. “Self-compassion appears to be an effective strategy or resource to cope with these types of issues,” Crocker added.

The significance of this study is not only limited to students. People in all walks of life can benefit from this finding.

Stress often occurs when you fall short of your goal or standard. The best thing you can do is avoid being perfect. Accept the truth. Like other people, you are not perfect. You make mistakes.

Don’t too hard on yourself. Forgive. Develop self-compassion. That’s the quickest way to destroy stress before it destroys you.

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