Don’t Look Back: The Secret Of Successful People

Don’t look back with anger and regret. Here’s why.

Don't Look Back

One of our emotional weaknesses as humans is that we tend to dwell in the past. We love to go back because the past is what creates our present.

It is true that our past is a great part of our present. In fact, our previous decisions are impacting our current life circumstances.

But building your world based on your past experiences may not be always the best choice. For instance, most people find it hard to detach themselves from their mistakes. They still dwell in it. As a result, they live with regrets and anger.

The real thing is, most people failed to realize that mistake is not bad. We need a mistake to remind us that what we did does not work. But instead of living in that negativity, we need to find improvement. In other words, mistakes are the best learning tools that can lead us to success.

In order to succeed, don’t blame others. Be responsible. Don’t look back. Instead, focus on your future. There’s no reason to confine yourself to a useless thought.

How successful people treat mistake? Warren Buffet, the most successful investor in the world said that he made a lot of mistakes. But the only difference between him and the 99% of the population is the fact that he does not look back on his mistakes.

Of course, forgetting a devastating setback can’t be easy. But what else you can do? You need to accept the truth that you can’t fix everything. Some things are out of our control.

Everyone makes mistakes including the genius ones. But the one who succeeds is a person who understands that his/her future does not lie in the past but in the choices that s/he is about to make.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life too. But I don’t blame others. I don’t look back. I just find more motivation to test another idea that can potentially make me succeed.

As a teacher, I always encourage my students to commit mistakes as many as they can, learn from those mistakes, and grow.

Because if somebody fails at something, it means that s/he is testing ideas. And s/he who tests ideas has goals. But those who avoid mistakes are losers. You know what happens to losers, right? They never win!

Do you want to succeed in life? Don’t look back on your negative experience. Learn the lessons of life, go on, and grow.

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