The Positive Effect Of Alcohol In The Brain

What is the effect of alcohol on the brain?

Effect Of Alcohol

In most cases, excessive alcohol intake has several negative effects on the body. Drinking too much alcohol can impair the nervous system.

It can also deteriorate cognitive and motor functioning.

The common effect of alcohol may involve decreased reaction time, impaired memory, blurred vision, and difficulty walking.

These manifestations are immediate and usually stop when a person stops drinking.

However, the effect of alcohol can be varied if a person drinks heavily for a long period of time.

But one research found the benefits of drinking a certain amount of alcohol. In fact, alcohol acts as a sweeper in washing the toxins out of the brain.

The researchers monitored the effect of alcohol intake in mice. They gave the mice varied amount of alcohol.

The result suggests that a regulated amount of alcohol intake refreshes the brain.

But how much is the regulated amount?

The finding suggests that drinking around 2.5 “standard drinks” a day is good. This low dosage may be instrumental in removing waste in the brain that may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, the first author of the study discussed the result. “… in this study we have shown for the first time that low doses of alcohol are potentially beneficial to brain health, namely it improves the brain’s ability to remove waste,” Nedergaard concluded.

This study may contradict and support previous findings. Excessive and prolonged alcohol consumption may be detrimental to the body. But a regulated amount can be beneficial.

“Studies have shown that low-to-moderate alcohol intake is associated with a lesser risk of dementia, while heavy drinking for many years confers an increased risk of cognitive decline,” Nedergaard added.

Like any good stuff, alcohol is detrimental if used excessively. But if you drink moderately, the effect of alcohol in the brain can be positive.

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