Effect Of Stress On Memory: Why Should You Stop Anticipating

We often experience it in our daily life. That stress may stem from our colleagues, our boss, financial problems, etc.

As a result, we get up in the morning with a frowned forehead. Early in the day, we feel so bad emotionally. Why? Because we accustomed to our daily routine the stressful routine, we tend to anticipate life as usual.

But filling your mind with negativity all day long will entirely affect your life. In fact, the mere anticipation of stress affects your memory.

One study found that anticipating stress will greatly affect your memory. This means that just thinking about a stressful situation could deteriorate the memory. This effect happens even if the stressful situation does not happen.

Anticipation is one of the most fascinating abilities of humans to survive in a life-threatening situation. But the previous study discloses the effect of stress on memory through anticipation.

The effect was profound even without exposing oneself to the actual dangerous situation. The working memory will suffer the most.

What is the working memory? It is a type of memory that stores the information about your immediate surroundings. If the working memory deteriorates, you will probably experience an inability to focus on the task at hand.

In other words, you’ll make more mistakes than ever. This will in turn affect your performance.

The conclusion was drawn from more than 200 healthy people. The researchers followed the participants for two weeks and monitored their stress level.

What the finding suggests is that anticipating stress may tremendously affect the working memory.

The researchers have a suggestion on how to handle stress anticipation.

Deep breathing can help you release your stress. The key here is to achieve relaxation and internal calmness.

Of course, other than deep breathing, you can also engage in cardiovascular activities such as jogging, walking, or lifting in the gym.

Now that you know the effect of stress on memory, it is time to take extra care of yourself. In the morning, avoid any worries. Because if you do, your day will be filled with negative experiences.

So don’t focus on the negativity but on the positive side of your life.