How To Read Someone’s Emotions More Accurately

How to read someone’s emotions?


We are good at hiding our true emotions to others. That’s why unconsciously, we mostly tell a lie.

More often than not we say “I’m fine” or “I’m okay”. But these words may not reflect the feelings inside. In fact, sometimes, they are the exact opposite of how we feel.

Our ability to hide our feelings allows us to conceal our inner world. This is our way of maintaining privacy.

However, a new study found that it is possible to determine someone’s emotions.

So how to read someone’s emotions accurately without looking at their faces?

The better way of understanding someone’s feelings is through listening to their voices. The reason is that, although our faces are good at hiding feelings, we cannot do it with our voice.

Human’s voice has it. The feelings somewhat embedded in the voice making it almost impossible to conceal. So listening is better than seeing.

The conclusion of the study was drawn from almost two thousand participants. Dr. Michael Kraus, the author said:

“I think when examining these findings relative to how psychologists have studied emotion, these results might be surprising.

Many tests of emotional intelligence rely on accurate perceptions of faces.

What we find here is that perhaps people are paying too much attention to the face – the voice might have much of the content necessary to perceive others’ internal states accurately.

The findings suggest that we should be focusing more on studying vocalizations of emotion.”

According to the study, it is hard to know the emotions of others if you look at their faces while listening.

This is because focusing on these channels simultaneously is something the brain cannot effectively attend to. Listening and seeing is complex enough to sabotage the cognitive process.

Dr. Michael Kraus concluded that:

“Listening matters.

Actually considering what people are saying and the ways in which they say it can, I believe, lead to improved understanding of others at work or in your personal relationships.”

How to read someone’s emotions? Listen, do not look.

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