Your Face Shape Reveals Your Sex Drive A Study Found

How does face shape predict sex drive and infidelity?

Face Shape

The facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR) has been the subject of psychological research for decades. Previous studies focused mainly on its linked with behavioral and psychological aspects in men.

However, a recent study led by Steven Arnocky, investigated the link between face shape, sexual drive, and intended infidelity.

Almost 500 students participated in the study. The researchers asked them about their sexual orientation, their current relationship, and how possible they intend to cheat their partner.

The study found that face shape predicts sexual drive in both men and women.

But men with wider, shorter faces are found to be more likely to commit infidelity on their partner. But the same characteristic was not found among female participants.

In addition, men with square faces were found to be more attractive and dominant.

The authors further interpreted the result:

“… they are also perceived by naïve observers as being more socially dominant, untrustworthy, and aggressive compared to men with lower width-to-height ratios.”

Face shape also linked to financial success and behavioral tendencies. In the study, people with square, wide face were found to be more financially successful. But they also had psychopathic characteristics, prejudice, and unethical behavior.

But how does face shape predict behavioral tendencies?

The answer to this question is the hormonal exposure of men during development.

“…the observed links between the FWHR and men’s dominant and aggressive attitudes and behavior may be a product of androgen exposure during critical periods of development.

In support of this, sex differences in facial structure arise with the onset of puberty, ostensibly reflecting increased testosterone in males relative to females.”

Hormonal exposure might also the factor that influences females’ sex drive.

Face shape predicts sex drive in both sexes. Women with shorter, wider faces tend to be more sexually active. However, unlike men, women had shown no intention to cheat their partners.

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