What You Should Know About Failure

How successful people interpret failure?


The hard thing about achieving your goal is that you are putting yourself in danger of committing mistakes. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, small or big, life will always test your commitment. And most of the time you will fail over and over again.

But I have a good news for you. You don’t have to cry over your failures or get destroyed by them. Stop thinking that failure is bad. You just need to open your eyes and mind. Think like successful people do.

The following statements reflect how successful people interpret failure. Their words may give you fuel and motivation.

I chose these quotes from successful people because I am also using these for years. I live by their principle. So every time I experience difficulty and failure, I just remember any of these people.

One of my most favorite inspirational quotes comes from Robert Kiyosaki. “Don’t bury your failures, let them inspire you.”

Robert Kiyosaki is a successful entrepreneur and investor. He, like other successful people, failed many times before he became successful in his investments. But setbacks gave him so many learnings that later on made him wiser in making better business decisions.

Jack Canfield emphasized why you should not afraid to commit mistakes. “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”

Jack Canfield is a successful author. Like Robert Kiyosaki, he suffered many setbacks before he succeeded in the publishing business. Now his books sold millions of copies around the world.

Henry Ford, on the other hand, treated failure as a wonderful opportunity to learn. Of course, he did not like failing over and over again, what he liked about failure was that it made him wiser. “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

But no one fails without doing anything. If you don’t fail at some point in your life that means that you don’t try doing something. Michael Jordan makes it very clear when he said “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can not accept not trying.”

When you look at Michael Jordan’s career, he did not win championships right after he entered the NBA. Most people thought that he is the best basketball player of all time. But only a few know that he also has the record for most missed shots on the basketball court. Why? Because he tried more shots than anybody else. His failure led him to his own greatness.

Failure does not necessarily mean a dead end. It is only a reminder that your strategies or actions simply do not work. The next thing you should do is to fix what is not working. Thomas Edison knew the nature of failure when he said: “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

Thomas Edison failed over ten thousand times before he perfected his light bulb invention. And his failure lightens the world, literally.

You see, failure is not your enemy. It is not something that you should avoid or hide. It is something that you should cherish.

What you need to do instead is change your thinking pattern. Change your mind from autopilot to a more critical thinking mode.

Most of the time our mind works on autopilot. Cognitive biases operate unconsciously making it unnoticed. This is the reason why we act and think automatically in accordance with the dictate of our unconscious mind.

A mind that is working on autopilot does not always produce a rational decision. Some of its outcomes are even demeaning. Prejudice and discrimination are two concepts that came from a mind that works on autopilot. We tend to judge people by their race, color of skin, civil status, educational attainment, etc.

If you really want to succeed, you need to embrace failure not avoid it. You can’t separate it from success. They go hand in hand. They don’t exist individually. Success cannot stand without failure. Why? Because you can’t determine success without failure. It’s like the color black and white. You can’t see a white space without having its contrast color – black.

So don’t afraid to fail. Reshape your mind and understanding. Analyze failure in a whole new perspective.