15 Fake Facts That Everyone Believes

What fake facts did you use to believe?

Fake Facts

“Fake facts” or “false facts” are beliefs that exist like pieces of truth. As a result, most people believe in them. However, scientific experiments proved them untrue. Funny fake facts are around us. And probably you have one.

Untrue facts are not really facts. They are misunderstood phenomena or circumstances. Here are the fake facts that sound real:

1. “Going to college will help you get a high paying job”

This is not true anymore. Going to school, get good grades to find a high paying job after college does not work as it used to. This was a piece of good advice fifty years ago. But today, it’s the worst. Because if you look at millionaires today, some of them did not even finish college. This simply means that college education is not the only source of financial success.

2. “Black Color Exists”

The color black is actually the absence of color.

3. “You swallow spiders in your sleep”

If someone sleeping with an open mouth, s/he is snoring. The sound itself scares any eight-legged insects.

4. “We only use 10% of our brain”

The truth is, when we are resting, we may be using ten percent of our brain.

5. “That carrot is good for the eyes”

Yes, a carrot is beneficial to the health of the eyes. But it has no capability, whatsoever to restore vision loss.

6. “That you get flashbacks because LSD stays in your spine”

LSD does not stay in the spinal cord forever.

7. “Deoxygenated blood is blue”

Humans only have red blood due to red blood cells that contain hemoglobin.

8. “That the gender pay gap exists”

Studies suggest that “women are earning less because they choose to work part-time”.

9. “The tongue map

Taste sensations come from all regions of the tongue.

10. “Sugar makes you hyper”

Research shows that sugar has no effect on behavior.

11. Cigarettes were good for your health”

Cigarettes are killer!

12. “Embassies are soil of their home country and the receiving country has no jurisdiction whatsoever there”

It has an exemption under certain circumstances.

13. “That fish would get scared and swim away if you talked while fishing”

Fish does not scare of your voice unless you throw something on the water.

14. “Swallowing gum will make it stay in your stomach for years”

The truth is the gum journeys down to the bathroom.

15. “If you try hard you can achieve anything you want”

Working hard can make you successful. But you can not achieve everything you do.

What are your fake facts? Please leave your thoughts below.

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