7 Quickest Ways To Make You A Faster Learner

How to become a faster learner student?

Faster Learner

Winning is always depending on your capability to learn. The faster you learn, the higher the achievements you’ll get.

But the learning process can be challenging for most people especially students. They strive to grasp the concept or lessons being tackled. As a result, many students struggle during their stay in school. In fact, some have given up and found another way of surviving life other than obtaining an academic degree.

However, the problem is not the lack of resources or personal capabilities to learn. Most students perceive the academic world the wrong way.

And the reason why they find hard studying their lessons is their way of handling academic work. Of course, learning involves retaining as many information as possible. But you can’t achieve it without effective strategies.

Faster learner students do well in school not because they have a better IQ. They are just good at mastering effective strategies for studying. The following tips can help you achieve academic success too.

1. Understand what type of learner you are

The problem of most students is that they don’t know what kind of learner they are. Different people have different types of learning.

For instance, some students remember well what they read when they listen to a music. They belong to an auditory learner category. If this is true to you, maybe, you can incorporate music into your study habits. So every time you set yourself to study, play a music that you love to help you understand the subject better.

You love the sound, right? Why not record the class discussions and play them when you study rather than reading a book?

Most students today have all kinds of gadgets. Unfortunately, they don’t use their resources to make their lives easier. Your phone can be useful for recording the lectures.

The second type is a visual content learner. Students who are content learner tend to study effectively when the materials are full of images, charts, graphs, flashcards, etc.

If you are this type of learner then transform lectures into graphics. Use graphs and flashcards to aid your study strategies.

The last type is a physical learner. People who belong to this category love doing something while studying. Students who are physical leaners found it easier to remember the lecture while tapping their feet or playing with their pen. Small physical movement helps them become a faster learner.

2. Use online tools

Technology, if used properly, can make a difference in your life. Having said this, you can take advantage of online tools. There are websites that can help you make flashcards. The StudyBule is one of them.

The PaperGear is another online tool you can use to help the brainstorming process easier. Lastly, if you’re looking for ways to make complex topics easier, use Brainscape. Using these tools make your study sessions effective.

3. Be willing to accept new information

It takes a lot of motivation to actually start studying. As a result, many students end up procrastinating.

But a quick learner student has his/her own way of making things going. However, it needs a little mental training to develop focus. And one way to achieve that is by opening your mind to new ideas or information. Once you have an open mind, you’ll get excited about the topic. The more you become excited, the more you’ll become an eager and faster learner.

4. Find a conducive place to study

Clearly, you can’t focus on studying in a distractive place.  The reason is that your brain can’t perform multitasking such as attending to external stimuli (noises) while reading.

If you want to become a faster learner, you need to detach from social interactions. Well, this does not mean that you should be antisocial. Of course, you need friends. But if you can’t concentrate on your study because of their presence, you need to find a quiet place.

5. Construct maps in your mind

Learning is all about making mind maps. Visual representations can be effective in making your study easier. One way to do it is to make symbols associated with the information you want to remember in your mind. Connect all the information together as if they are part of a puzzle. This process allows you to learn fast.

6. Find the best memorization method that suits you

There are many ways to memorize information very easily. However, not all of them are applicable to anyone. Some people are effective when memorizing the whole sentence, or word by word.

But memorizing without understanding can be useless. So you need to find your own way to tie memorization and understanding together. Just experiment what method suits you the most.

7. Study regularly

If you want to be a faster learner, you need to take an extra mile. Achieving high academic grades involve a tremendous amount of work. That’s the reality. If you don’t push yourself, you’ll achieve nothing both in school and in real life.

Regular studying also helps you establish the neural connection in your brain that will hold the information. It’s like physical exercise. The more you engage in it, the more you become stronger.

In addition, the stronger neural connection makes it easier for you to retain the information for a long period of time. Above all, regular study habits allow you to avoid cramming.

So, do you have what it takes to be a faster learner? I hope so.