Feeling Anxious for No Reason All the Time?

Why are you feeling anxious for no reason all the time?

Feeling Anxious for No Reason All the Time

Anxiety is a feeling surfaces in a stressful and frightening situation. We all experience it at some point in our life. However, some people feel anxious for no apparent reason.

So, why are some people feeling anxious for no reason all the time?

There are many factors that could make us feel frightened. Most of the time, students feel anxious before the major exams. A job applicant may feel anxious before the job interview. Anxiety in these situations could boost performance.

Being able to anticipate the approaching threatening situation motivates us to prepare ourselves. In the examples above, anxiety forces students and job applicants to prepare.

However, like many good things, too much them can be impairing. The uncontrolled anxiety could trigger mental problems such as the inability to concentrate and focus.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The manifestations of anxiety can be two types: psychological and behavioral.

Psychological symptoms may involve:

  • Have chronic anxious feeling all the time
  • Have difficulties in gaining enough sleep
  • Inability to concentrate and gain focus
  • Easily get irritated
  • Hypervigilant
  • Inability to relax or detach oneself from stressful situations
  • Always seek reassurance from other people

When you’re anxious or stressed, your body responds by releasing stress hormones. Stressed people have a higher level of adrenaline and cortisol than their counterparts.

Following these hormonal changes, increase in heart rate and sweating follows. The physical manifestations may be noticeable.

Physical symptoms may involve:

  • Breathing becomes faster
  • Heart palpitations may be experienced
  • One may feel sick
  • Experience pain in the chest
  • Headaches may be prevalent
  • Experience changes in food appetite
  • Fainting

These symptoms could impair an individual’s functioning. In most cases, a person with anxiety may experience difficulties in maintaining focus.

There are many reasons why an individual develops anxiety over time. One reason is the personality factor. There are people who are born with an anxious personality trait or neurotic. As he/she grows older, this feeling may not cease.

If you are anxious all the time for no reason, it could be the result of having a neurotic personality trait. Neuroticism causes extra alertness, hypervigilance, and an inability to concentrate.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a normal psychological or physical response to a threatening situation. However, it may not be good in some instances.

If your anxious feeling impairs your daily functioning, you need to act immediately. There are many ways to treat this condition with a help of a mental professional.

Therapists usually use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This therapy aims to modify an individual’s thinking and behavioral pattern. Psychiatrist, on the other hand,d may prescribe drugs to speed up the recovery. Oftentimes, the combination of these two interventions can be more helpful than a single approach.

In extreme conditions, seeking professional help can be the best option.

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