The Single Simplest Way To Fight Insomnia

How to fight insomnia easily?

Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most challenging disorders to treat. People with this condition may find difficulties in getting enough sleep.

Over the years, experts have been trying to find a solution. Fortunately, a recent study finally found the simplest way to fight insomnia.

The researchers found that wearing tinted glasses (especially amber-tinted) before going to bed can help you sleep fast.

The experts argued that the amber-tinted glasses are effective in blocking the blue light.

The common sources of blue light are gadgets. Thus, using smartphones before going to sleep decreases melatonin hormone which in turn boosts wakefulness.

In today’s world, people become accustomed to gadgets and other technological advances.

However, these advances do not come without negative effect. One of the possible detrimental impacts is sleep problems.

Prevention is still the best practice to take care of our health.

Those who already suffer from insomnia may stop using cell phones before bedtime. And those who don’t have sleep problems yet should not wait until the problem arises.

The result of the study was drawn from the fourteen people with insomnia. They wore amber-tinted glasses 2 hours before bed.

The study lasted for a month. The researchers found that amber-tinted glasses did not only decrease insomnia but also speed up the sleep process.

In other words, the participants fell asleep faster and longer.

To fight insomnia, the researchers suggest that people should minimize gadgets usage before going to bed.

But cell phones are not the only sources of blue light. It can emanate from television sets, computers, and LED lightings.

Today, most households use LED lights due to its efficiency and affordability.

To gain better sleep, you need to turn off the sources of blue light at least two hours before bed.

Minimizing blue light does not only decrease insomnia but also improve your quality of sleep.