How To Finish Homework Fast In 3 Ways

With all the distractions, how will you finish homework fast?

Finish Homework Fast

More often than not, students are bombarded by a number of distractions. From environmental to technological hindrances, students also susceptible to human distractions. Party invitations are lined up. So instead of doing some homework or studying your lesson, you may be tempted to attend to those extracurricular activities.

If you are a student, chances are you may have limited time to study. But it should not a reason for you not to study. Because if you don’t do your school work, you know the result.

But what if you can do all your home works for a short period of time so that you can still hang out with your friends? Does it sound interesting?

Yes, it does. In this article, I will introduce to you some quick ways to fix your problem. Down below you’ll learn how to finish homework fast.

So let’s start.

1. Start with the difficult part of the task.

If you are looking at your test paper or working on a mathematical problem, do not start at the very beginning (the first item). Instead, scan the paper or notes and find the hardest problem or question.

If you find those items, try to solve them. But if you couldn’t find a solution, it’s time to leave them for a while. Then proceed to the simpler ones.

Well, you may ask why. Here’s why:

In her book “A Mind For Numbers” Dr. Barbara Oakley introduced the two mental concepts what she called focused and diffused-modes.

If you are working on a difficult problem, your mind probably on the focused mode. The focus mode happens when you are directly dealing with hard problems. You are now trying to find ways on how to solve them.

In contrast, diffused-mode happens when your mind is more relaxed. “Diffuse-mode thinking is what happens when you relax your attention and just let your mind wander,” said Dr. Oakley. “This relaxation can allow different areas of the brain to hook up and return valuable insights… Diffuse-mode insights often flow from preliminary thinking that’s been done in the focused mode,” she added.

Thus solving a hard problem is an interaction of focused and diffused modes. This is very helpful in doing your school assignments fast.

2. Try more sample problems while still in class.

If your professor or teacher is discussing a topic especially in math and physics, make it sure that you jot down each step that s/he discusses. This is very important. Again, do not rely on your memory. Many students think that they can remember all the information after class. This is a big mistake you can commit.

As what you’ve learned from the earlier part of this book, your brain is not a good memory reservoir. I see this in my classes where during discussion students seem to understand all the concepts. But when I gave them a short quiz, it turns out that they did not understand it at all.

So what is happening? It is because there is a huge gap between following along and doing it on your own. That’s why it looks easier when your teacher is explaining the problem but harder when you try to solve it on your own.

While listening, it is very important to honestly assess yourself whether or not you truly understand the concept. If not, make a mark on your notes denoting that it needs more research. And don’t forget, or feel ashamed to ask clarifications from your teacher. S/he is your best source of the answer.

In my classes, I always ask my students whether they really understood the topic. If not, if one of them doesn’t, I would love to repeat the discussion from the start. Because if they don’t understand it, they will find it harder to make their home work.Make your home work in school.

3. Make your home work in school.

One of the best techniques to finish homework fast is doing it while you still on campus. There are two reasons for this. One, because while still on campus, the information is still fresh. You will be able to remember the step by step process your teacher has just taught you making it easier to finish homework fast.

Secondly, while on campus, you are in the right context. If you have vacant time between classes, try to use those time. Make your homework instead of waiting for your next class and do nothing. Doing this saves your time. And most importantly, you can have enough time to relax and rest when you get home.

To finish homework fast, you need to apply the right strategies. Part of it is taking your classes seriously and using your time correctly. Believe me, you don’t have to be a super smart to succeed in school. All you need is right attitude and self-discipline.

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