Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Groups

What are fun mindfulness exercises for groups?

Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Groups

Scientific findings really demonstrated the astonishing benefit from practicing mindfulness. The findings consistently show that mindfulness practices do increase well-being, behavioral modification while reducing stress and anxiety.

Aside from the psychological benefits, mindfulness was found to increase students’ academic performance, attention and focus. Thus, students who practice mindfulness regularly tend to have higher grades than their counterparts.

Today, mindfulness is commonly practiced individually. Most articles online show how you can practice mindfulness alone.

However, mindfulness can also be done in a group. Instead of meditating alone, you can have fun mindfulness exercises for groups.

The fund mindfulness exercises for groups techniques

The following are some of the techniques you can pursue group mindfulness exercises. These exercises are suitable for a small group of individuals like a circle of friends.

1. Mindful eating

Mindful eating involves taking a small amount of your favorite food such as chocolate and other palatable food. The purpose of this exercise is not to eat as much as you can (obviously). Instead, to pay attention to the food’s characteristics such as the smell, taste, and your emotional experiences related to the food you’re eating.

Aside from the palatable food, you can also bring fruits. While eating, try to capture the sensation triggered by the food in your mouth. Use your senses to assess your current experience. Doing in the group can be more exciting than practicing alone. And most importantly, you will feel more motivated to spend moments like this to temporarily free your mind from stressful circumstance.

2. Jotting down notes

This practice is obviously pretty doable when alone but this can also be a fun mindfulness exercise for groups. In this exercise, you will just pay attention to your surroundings and current feelings.

This can be done better if you form a circle and sit. Then, if all is set, start observing how you feel, what you hear, what you see, and what you see around you. Write those observations in your note. Everybody should be doing the same exercise.

You don’t have to go down deeper in your consciousness. It does not have to be complicated. All you need to do is to record all your current experiences without thinking it further. Listening to the ongoing conversation inside the group could help you pick new idea based on the subject being talked.

3. Listening exercise

We always listen to somebody at work, home, school, or in any context. Listening is just part of our interaction with society. But listening can also be a good way for mindfulness exercise.

In this technique, you need a partner. You work on twos. Your partner may be the talker and you are the listener. It is important though that your partner carefully selects his/her words. Your partner will ask the questions and you as a listener will answer the questions.

The questions must be casual. Here are some of the good examples: ‘What makes you happy?’ ‘What makes you anxious?’ What are your aspirations in life?’ But of course, you can always create your own.

The role must be changed after the first set of questioning is done. You will become the one who will ask questions and your partner will be the listener. You will ask questions repeatedly like what your partner did.

If you experience stress in your life right now, it is important to remember that there are ways you can do to manage that emotional burden. All you have to do is find people who are ready to understand you. These fun mindfulness exercises for groups will help you feel better.

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice of healing a troubled mind. The main purpose of this practice is to allow the mind to focus inwardly not outward. Thus relaxing the person’s mental state.

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