How To Hack Your Brain To Achieve Focus And Productivity

Can you hack your brain to succeed in your goal?

Hack Your Brain

Focus and productivity are two things that can be hard to achieve nowadays. Why? Because we are constantly tested by so many technological temptations.

Moreover, one study found that the human mind only has a short span of attention. This means that we cannot be attentive to something for a long period of time. I often see this in my students. When the class lecture lasts more than an hour, the majority of them are not listening anymore.

Our mind is like a driftwood floating in the vast sea. It is constantly pulled by a current in all directions. This makes staying focus difficult.

But the problem is, when the focus is lost, productivity can be impossible. Given the current life situation, can we still achieve focus and become productive?

Fortunately, there are techniques you can apply to achieve focus. You can actually hack your mind to remain attentive. If you can exploit these amazing techniques, you’ll become more effective and productive even in the face of distractions.

Hack your brain with these simple steps:

Harvard experts have found techniques on how to hack your brain to be productive by maintaining focus. Amazingly, these techniques are simple and free.

1. The ABC rule.

Accordingly, there are three things you need to do to combat distraction. First, you need to be aware of the different options that you have. Second, after weighing your options, take a deep breath. Lastly, choose the best option and go on. These steps can make you back on track again.

2. Define your intentions.

Before starting your day, take a moment to reflect. What would be your priority for the whole day? Once you know your priority, focus your attention on those things. Set aside the things that are not meant to be doing. This process is important to make you more focused on one goal.

If things do not work as planned, do not focus on the intensity of the mistake. Rather, focus on possible ways to get out of the setback and move forward. Don’t spend time blaming others or yourself. Remember, your ability to get focused is so brittle. So guard your emotion.

3. Use technology to your advantage.

Technology is the biggest factor that can easily ruin your focus. A simple vibration, beep, and light from the computer’s monitor are enough to distract you. Why do you think you become always excited to read the notification pop-ups from your cell phone?

The reason being is that these “technological stimuli” trigger the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that causes addiction.

Fortunately, you can make these technological distractions to your advantage by automating them. Use free tools that can do the extra work. It saves your precious time and strength.

4. Avoid negative emotions.

When we feel bad, there are a lot of things happening in our brain. You need to guard your emotion. If you experience it, just take a break and do something that can bring back your happiness. Talk to your officemates, or call a friend. This can help divert your attention to something positive.

5. Make your own space and time.

Ed Batista, in Harvard Business Review, said that “Recent research indicates that meditating for just a few minutes a day, spending just one hour a week in nature or jotting down a few reflective notes in the evening has a noticeable impact on well-being.”

Most people don’t realize that what makes them unable to focus is their busy daily routine. In the world of haste, you need to find time to detach yourself from your world. You can stay outdoor on weekend and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Successful people love outdoor adventures, not because of coincidence. They do it because they know it is beneficial to their success.

We all get distracted easily. Our focus can be hard to sustain. But it must not be a reason for failure. There are a lot of options in which you can pursue – a lot of ways to gain focus. These techniques can be a great help to hack your brain. In the coming days or weeks, your performance will be getting better and better. And ultimately, greater success awaits you along the way.

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